25 September 2014

Celebrating FRIENDS: My Top 10 Moments

Thi smonth is the 20th anniversaryof one of the most loved, most popular and most iconic TV shows of ourgeneration; F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So what better way to celebrate one of my favouriteshows, than to show you my top 10 favourite moments of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


A classic moment from the show. Who can forget the moment whenRoss Geller redefined the word pivot. The scene never fails to make me laugh,no matter how many times I rewatch it and Chandler’s classic added emphasis onhis response is always funny.

9. When Joey decided to go one better, and wear all of Chandler’s clothes.

If ever someone is in need of a way to get revenge on a friend,they should look to Joey. All Joey needs to get his revenge is to not beingwearing any underwear, all of your clothes and of course who could forget, todo some lunges!


One of the funniest moments for me was when Ross tries to teachRachel and Phoebe about Unagi. Ross is always a bit of a know it all throughoutthe show, so for Rachel and Phoebe to get one better than him was a greatmoment. The way that they gave sarcastic replies to his comments provided a lotof laughs, and moment they pin him to the floor always has me laughing.

7.When someone threw Ross’ sandwich away.

Ross’ reaction in this scene is priceless. The way that he gets soworked up over someone throwing away his sandwich is hilarious, and the way thescene moves to imply that we are able to hear him so far away adds an extra bitof comedy to the scene.

6.When Monica had enough of her friends criticising her dating choices.

The group are always making little jokes at each other expense,but in this scene the way Monica rhymes off their bad dating choices isperfect. Monica’s sassiness in this scene makes it one of my favourites as italways makes me laugh.

5. When Joey speaks French.

The scene where Joey is trying to learn French is one of myfavourites, and it always makes me laugh. When Joey is speaking in what hebelieves is French, Phoebe’s reactions to him are hilarious. Since she canspeak French, her reactions to him trying to and just saying random words makethe scene one of the show’s funniest.

4.When Monica explained the 7 female erogenous zones to Chandler.

Thiswas a scene in the show that never fails to me laugh. Chandler’s facialexpressions when Monica says that there are seven basic erogenous zones ispriceless, and when Monica starts to get really passionate about herdescription I can’t help but laugh, all the while Rachel is just sitting backcasually as if it is nothing.

3.Phoebe and Mike’s wedding.

Thereare quite a few moments throughout the show that will  bring a tear toyour eye, but for me there is none more cute and loving than Phoebe’s wedding.The wedding scenes do have parts of comedy through them such Ross with the dog,Chandler becoming Phoebe’s “new dad” as she calls him and Monica forgettingshe’s a bridesmaid, but when Phoebe gives her wedding speech to Mike, it is oneof the cutest moments of the show for me, and one that always brings a smile tomy face.

2.When Ross and Rachel were on a break.

Thestoryline of Ross and Rachel being on a break is one of, if not the most iconicstorylines throughout the show. Despite the fact that Ross and Rachel were infact on a break, the ongoing “were they, weren’t they” theme is one of the mostfun! Some of the scenes about Ross and Rachel being on a break are some of theshow’s funniest.

1. Thedance.

Monicaand Ross’ dance scene at the New Years’ Rockin’ Eve show is definitely one ofmy favourites. The dance itself is funny enough, but when Monica and Rossbelieve that they look cool doing their dance it makes it even funnier. WhenMonica and Ross are put up on the platform to dance it always makes me laughthat the director is only doing it for the bloopers.

Therewe have it, my top 10 moments from through the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Although theseare the 10 that made the list for my post I can definitely say that I have somany more favourite moments from the show, but if I was going to list them thispost would be much bigger! F.R.I.E.N.D.S has been my favourite TV show sincethe first time I watched it, and although I have other close favourites,F.R.I.E.N.D.S will always be my favourite.

What are your favourite moments in the show?
Who is your favourite character?

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