30 September 2014

Meet The Vamps | Concert Review

On Saturday night (the 27th of September), Iattended the 3rd show of The Vamp’s sold out, headlining tour at theClyde Auditorium in Glasgow. Saturday’s show was the 3rd night oftheir UK and Ireland tour, and the first of two Glasgow dates. The Vamps’ hadthree support acts that performed before they took to the stage: EofE, LukeFriend and Nina Nesbitt, so first off I tell you a bit about them.


EofE are a rock band from the UK, and were the first of TheVamps’ chosen support acts to take to stage. The band played a variety of theirown original tracks, as well as a mash up cover of Michael Jackson’ hit song“Billie Jean” with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, putting their own twiston it. The band were fairly unknown, but still managed to get the crown up ontheir feet and participating well. EofE aren’t typically my type of music,however I really enjoyed their set.

Luke Friend.

Former The X Factor contestant Luke Friend performed second.He took to the stage with his guitar, and played 2 original songs. He receiveda warm welcome from the crowd, and received a well deserved positive response.He performed and upbeat songs first that got the crowd up on their feet andengage, before revealing that his second song would be his debut single. Thesecond song was a slower, more heart felt song that you could tell he feltpassionately about when he was singing. I liked Luke when he was a contestanton The X Factor, and I really enjoyed seeing him perform.

Nina Nesbitt.

Scottish singer songwriter Nina Nesbitt was The Vamps’ thirdsupport act. She also performed her set while playing her guitar. She performedoriginal material, and got the crowd dancing and singing along. Having met Ninaas her album signing in Glasgow, I was excited to see her perform some of thesongs from it. Nina began her set by generously giving away a copy of her albumto  fan near the front of the stage, whichI found rather sweet. She then perform two of the songs from her album“Peroxide”, both of which the audience enjoyed and got up on their feet for. Ilike Nina and enjoyed seeing her perform and would like to see her live again.

After The Vamps’ three support acts performed their sets, TheVamps took to the stage. The show began with some opening credits playing on ascreen on the behind where the band would be performing. I enjoyed this as itwas a good way to get the crowd excited and ready for the show. When themembers came onstage, the audience was in an uproar. There was some chat fromthe member to engage themselves with the fans, which I found to be very sweetof them. They began by performing some of the track from their new album. Theband talked to the audience throughout, telling us that Connor was Scottish,and keeping the fans engaged. They also talked about how they met and startedon YouTube and went on to perform a collection of the songs that they coveredon YouTube, which the audience loved. During the show there was a segment oneach of the members where the boys would exit the stage, and the videos wouldshow clips of each of the other band members talking about the member who thatsegment was about.

Tristan’s segment was first. He is the drummer of the band,and each of the members praised his talent. After his video segment was done,Tristan came back on stage on his own and began to perform the must epic drumsolo I have ever heard. Some music played while he played the drums,effortlessly moving from songs playing perfectly.

Next up was Connor’s segment. Connor is the bassist of theband, after his video segment was over, he came to the stage to perform withtwo of the other band members.  Duringhis performance he performed a mash up of “Dear Maria” by All Time Low, and“Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy. Connor usually provides back upvocals however during this performance, he was providing the lead vocals, andshowing off his incredible talent.

The third segment was James’. James is the band’s leadguitarist. During his video segment, we saw a clip of him when he was youngersinging a song he wrote called Move My Way, and then saw clips of the othermembers talking about him writing it. During his performance James performedthis song.

The fourth segment was Brad’s. Brad is the band’s leadvocalist, and during his video the other members praised Brad for being such agood singer. During his set he played his guitar, and performed a song.

During the show they reminded fans that they would be doingan arena tour in 2015, and gave us information on how to get into an exclusivefan presale of tickets, which is by pre-ordering their live concert DVD andChristmas edition album of their album which you can pre-order here. The bandperformed their single “Somebody To You” which is a duet, so they brought outNina Nesbitt to perform it with them, which I loved as I think they work welltogether.

The band continued to play songs from their album “Meet The Vamps”along with some covers. They kept fans engaged throughout the how by talking tothem, and even getting them involved through the use of their own app. Afterthey sang what they said would be their last song of the night, they returnedto the stage for an encore where they performed another of their album songs,and their debut single. During The Vamps performance of their debut single, twoconfetti cannons were let off which exploded white and red confetti over theaudience, before a video of them leaving the stage came up on screen and showedus them going into their dressing room and before Connor went into the dressingroom he reminded the fans about the presale for tickets for their arena tournext year.

Overall The Vamps’ concert was one of the best concerts I’vebeen to, and I am will be getting tickets to see the on their arena tour, whichkicks off in Glasgow as the SSE Hydro next year on the 18th ofApril. In my opinion The Vamps’ are a very talented band and I believe thatthey are going to very successful in their careers.

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