27 October 2014

Cold And Flu Remedies

So as you know it’s getting closer to winter which means there a bunch of exciting things coming up, but one thing I’m sure none of us are looking forward to is cold and flu season. No one like having the cold or flu. There is nothing worse than sitting on a crowed train or lecture and hearing a bunch of people sniffing, blowing their nose and coughing, and it’s even worse being the person that’s got the cold or flu. Colds and flus are fairly easy to catch so I thought I would share with you some of my cold and flu remedies.

20 October 2014

My Top 5 Homemade Halloween Costumes


Halloween is coming soon and that means it’s time to get your ideas going for costumes. I love Halloween and I love to dress up for it, but I often find myself faced with having to choose between forking out sometimes over £20 or £30 for a costume that I will only wear a couple of times. With that in mind I came up with the idea for this post, my top 5 homemade Halloween costumes. If you find yourself wanting to get dressed up for Halloween but not wanting to pay a fortune for a costume, then why not make your own? I mean after all, you don’t have to be Coco Chanel to makea fashion statement!

15 October 2014

First Impression: Boi-ing by Benefit


Today’s post is a first impression post. I decided that this post would be about an amazing new make up product that I purchased recently. That product is the Boi-ing concealer from the geniuses behind Benefit cosmetics. If you read my last post you’ll know that last week I went on a shopping spree with Robyn and this was one of the few (well… 7) products I bought from Benefit.

6 October 2014

Review: The Simpsons Guy


For this post I’ll be reviewing “The Simpsons Guy”, which is the recently aired hour long crossover episode between popular TV shows, Family Guy and The Simpsons. Being a fan of both shows I, like many other fans of the shows, was excited to hear that the opening episode of Family Guy’s 13th season was a joint episode with The Simpsons. This also came as a surprise to me as fans of the shows will know that in the past there has been tension and rivalry between the shows as Family Guy has been accused of being a rip off of The Simpsons. Both shows often make small references to each other within their shows, however the neither of the shows does it in a way that comes across cheeky.