27 October 2014

Cold And Flu Remedies

So as you know it’s getting closer to winter which means there a bunch of exciting things coming up, but one thing I’m sure none of us are looking forward to is cold and flu season. No one like having the cold or flu. There is nothing worse than sitting on a crowed train or lecture and hearing a bunch of people sniffing, blowing their nose and coughing, and it’s even worse being the person that’s got the cold or flu. Colds and flus are fairly easy to catch so I thought I would share with you some of my cold and flu remedies.

Cold and flu capsules are a big help when you have the flu. You can buy these at any supermarket and they don’t cost very much. If you have a blocked nose or a sore throat, these can be good to help clear you nose and make it easier to breather and soothe your throat. There a variety of kinds available, the ones I use are these one from Tesco. They’re just Tesco’s own brand cold and flu capsule but they work just as good as any brand name. These ones are especially useful as they are day and night capsules so there are capsules to be used to during the day and other ones for at night (and they are colour co-ordinated so you know which capsules to take when) and as they are in capsule form they are easy to swallow!

When you have a cold it is a good idea to keep cough sweets in your bag at all times for easy relief on the go if your throat starts to hurt. There are so many varieties of cough sweets out there, and they come in so many flavours and forms that there is no excuse for you not to find one you like the taste of! I tend to go for Halls cough sweets (original Halls to clear up my sore throat and Soothers… to well… soothe it) and I like to keep a box of Tesco’s own brand (Like I said, cheaper and just as good and sometimes even better #TescoForTheWin) throat sweets because they work amazingly and most of their sweets contain antiseptic or menthol which is a big plus for me in cough sweets. Menthol sweets are good for clearing your throat and helping you to get rid of germs and helping you to breathe.

If you find yourself getting a blocked nose when you have the cold or flu then a nasal spray or nasal stick could really help you clear your nose. Nasal spray and a nasal stick work in the same way and I recommend trying Vicks’ nasal spray or Vicks’ nasal stick as I have used both and I find that both work extremely well to clear the nose and they both work quickly which is something that I think is good for a nasal spray. The nasal spray and the nasal stick to the same job, the only difference is that with a spray you are inhaling the liquid, and with the stick you are inhaling a gas. When you inhale the product you nose goes cold (I say it” smells” cold which sounds strange, but if you have used a nasal spray or a nasal stick before you will get it!).

Vapour rub is another product that is great for clearing a blocked nose. Vick’s vapour rub is the product that I use (I think that their products are the best when it comes to these types of cold and flu products) but there are others available. Rubbing a small amount of vapour rub on your chest (below the bottom of your throat), is the traditional place to apply it and it work great for clearing up stuffiness and a blocked nose. A place I apply vapour rub when I have a blocked nose is the space between the bottom of my nose and my upper lip, as this soaks in and the vapour goes directly into the nose and gets to work clearing it (did anyone else picture little workers clearing a sore nose?).

Scented tissues that contain vapour are useful when it comes to have a blocked nose. When you have a blocked nose and you’re out and about during the day it can be useful to have some of these vapour tissues in your bag. When you use them they release vapour which means whenever you blow your nose you are inhaling some of the vapour which will help clear your blocked nose. I have used a variety of vapour tissues and each of them helped clear my nose when I used them.

A few top tips:
·         Dress for the weather (warmly and cosily)
·         Wear a warm scarf, gloves and hat
·         Wear cosy socks
·         Wash hands regularly
·         Carry hand sanitizer
·         Don’t cough or sneeze into your hands
·         Drink warm tea, coffee or soup

So there you have it, those are my home remedies for the cold or flu that won’t cost you a lot but will help clear up a pesky cold or flu. There are more remedies out there but these are the ones that I have found to be most effective for helping with the cold or flu.

How do you combat the cold or flu?
Do you use any of these things?

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