27 November 2014

My Top 5 TV Shows


This post is a TV themed post. At this time of year when the cold weather is here and Christmas is eating up my money, one thing I like to do to keep myself entertained is to curl up in bed with my favourite movies and TV shows. These days there are tonnes of TV shows out there for us to get our teeth into so I thought in this post I would share with you my Top 5 favourite TV series.

16 November 2014

Top 5 Winter Warmers

So this post is one that I am excited to post. It’s afestive/seasonal post to get you in the wintery Christmassy (using such poshwording here ,aren’t I?) mood! Around this time of year when Winter is juststarting to kick in and the colder weather is here, one of the things thathelps keep me warm and toasty on cold days when I have to go outside is a nicehot drink! Not only are they delicious and a nice pick me up on a cola morning,but they are a nice little warmer for your hands too! So sit back, relax andtake a peek at my top 5 winter warmer drinks!

6 November 2014

Make Up Trick: Keeping Eyeliner In Place


This post is a simple make up trick that I believe could be quite a useful one to those of you who (like myself) enjoy wearing eyeliner without eyeshadow but find that your eyeliner has a tendency to fade in colour or transfer onto your eyelid. I love wearing eyeliner, especially dark, thick eyeliner with a cat eye, but I have found that my eyeliner can often smudge, lose it colour or worst of all, transfer onto my eyelids and leave black lines (a pet hate of mine!). That’s why I am doing the post, because I have came up with a simple trick to keep my eyeliner in place all day long without smudging, fading or transferring!