6 November 2014

Make Up Trick: Keeping Eyeliner In Place


This post is a simple make up trick that I believe could be quite a useful one to those of you who (like myself) enjoy wearing eyeliner without eyeshadow but find that your eyeliner has a tendency to fade in colour or transfer onto your eyelid. I love wearing eyeliner, especially dark, thick eyeliner with a cat eye, but I have found that my eyeliner can often smudge, lose it colour or worst of all, transfer onto my eyelids and leave black lines (a pet hate of mine!). That’s why I am doing the post, because I have came up with a simple trick to keep my eyeliner in place all day long without smudging, fading or transferring!

What you’ll need:
  • ·         Translucent setting powder
  • ·         Eyeliner

So for this trick start by applying your normal make up. When it comes time to apply your eye make up, here’s all you have to do!
Start by dusting a light layer of translucent powder (I use Rimmel London’s “Stay Matte” long lasting pressed powder on the shade “001 Trasnparent” to your eyelids and around the eyes. You can do this with your powder brush or with your fingers. I usually use my index finger just so I get a nice even layer. Translucent powder has no colour to it which is why I use it. It is used typically to set face make up and keep it in place which is why it works perfectly for this trick, it keeps the eyes looking bright but also sets on the eyelids and therefore the eyeliner won’t transfer onto the eyelid. Not only does this keep the eyeliner in place and prevent transferring, the fact that the eyeliner can’t transfer means no smudging or fading so it stays black all day long! After this, apply your eyeliner as usual. One you’ve applied you eyeliner dust another layer of powder on the eyelid about the eyeliner, and under the eye and around the flick and voila, all done!

The finished look.

I use this trick all the time and I can honestly say it works perfectly! I recently used it when I was seeing Ed Sheeran live and as many of you know after concerts your make up often runs and smudges due to the increased heat and sweating, but by using this trick my eye make up stayed in place perfectly all day and night and looked exactly the same as it did that morning!

So there you have it, a simple trick I’ve found to keep my eye make up in place every time! If you try this trick out, feel free to let me know below if it work for you!

(*Side note: I got tickets to the MTV EMAs this Sunday! So there will be a post on that next week! Let me know if this is something that would be interesting to you, of if there is anything in particular you’d like to see/read in it!)

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