16 November 2014

Top 5 Winter Warmers

So this post is one that I am excited to post. It’s afestive/seasonal post to get you in the wintery Christmassy (using such poshwording here ,aren’t I?) mood! Around this time of year when Winter is juststarting to kick in and the colder weather is here, one of the things thathelps keep me warm and toasty on cold days when I have to go outside is a nicehot drink! Not only are they delicious and a nice pick me up on a cola morning,but they are a nice little warmer for your hands too! So sit back, relax andtake a peek at my top 5 winter warmer drinks!

Starbucks’ Toffee Nut Latte is a drink that was brought in by the lovely people atStarbucks’ as part of their festive selection and has become one of my go tofavourite hot drinks for this season! It combines the rich taste of theirsignature coffee with the sweet, rich taste of the buttery toffee, and it comestopped with whipped cream and chopped, roasted nuts (heart eye emoji). It ismade with steamed milk so it is always hot and frothy, the perfect thing for acold winter’s morning! This drink is absolutely delicious, and if you get itwith their Christmas blend coffee it adds a little extra kick which is amazing.

Tinderbox’s Hot Apple and Cinnamon is a coffee shop and a drink that I found recently and I have to sayit is becoming one of my favourites. They offer a wide variety of hot and colddrinks but the one that caught my eye was the Hot Apple and Cinnamon. I have alove for apple and cinnamon flavoured or scented products so this was a mustfor me, and it is literally flawless (it woke up like this… it flawless). Thedrink tastes exactly like apple and cinnamon. Drinks that come in untraditionalflavours can sometimes not taste exactly as they should but the taste of thisdrink is absolutely on point. It tastes 100% like apple and cinnamon. It is theperfect blend of hot, sweet apple and spicy cinnamon and it balances outperfectly.

Costa Praline Cappuccino is one of Costa’s new festive range, and it isdelicious. It has the perfect combination of rich, tasty Costa espresso blendedwith praline syrup and topped with frothed milk and Costa’s “magic dusting”(which is delicious and well presented chocolate powder!). This drink is adelicious combination of rich and sweet (as you can tell I have a sweet tooth),and the little kick of coffee is the perfect morning pick me up for anyone whois not a morning person and needs a little extra wake up call. The drink is avery nicely presented and if you get it take away it comes in one of Costa’sadorable festive take away cups in the designs of Santa Claus, a reindeer and asnowman.

Starbucks’ Vanilla Hot Chocolate is a favourite of mineStarbucks offer hot chocolate all year but I have foundmyself loving it around this time of year. They offer vanilla, signature andcaramel hot chocolate however have a big love for vanilla I have found this oneto be my favourite. This hot chocolate is incredibly rich and cream and thevanilla gives it a delicious extra rich taste. The way I have found myselfdescribing the taste of this hot chocolate to people is like hot vanilla icecream with chocolate because that’s how it tastes to me. It also comes withwhipped cream on top, perfect. For me it’s the perfect winter hot chocolate.

Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiato is another drink that Starbucks offers all year howeverit is one of my favourites. During the warmer months of the year I get thisdrink iced and it is the perfect cold drink. However when the colder wintermonths start to come in, I get it hot. This drink is delicious. It is made withfreshly steamed milk and combined with vanilla flavoured syrup and espresso andfinished off with whipped creamed and caramel drizzle (also known asperfection). This is a drink that I have been loyal to buying for ages now, sothere is no way I could leave it off this list!

So there you have it, those are my top 5 winter warmers forthe cold months! I have been loving trying out new drinks lately and these arejust a five of my new favourites! Coffee shops are starting to bring in their deliciousfestive ranges now so I’m loving trying the drinks.

What are you favourite winter drinks?
Are you a coffee, tea or hot chocolate person?

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