31 December 2014

2014's Best Bits


So today is the 31st of December which means tomorrow is New Year’s Day and at midnight it will be the start of 2015 and a new year. With that being said I thought I would make this post highlighting some of 2014’s best bits for me.

Ed Sheeran’s tour.
So as I mentioned in a previous post I got to see Ed Sheeran live for the first time in October this year and it was definitely one this year’s best bits. I love Ed Sheeran, I think he is phenomenal so seeing him on tour was amazing because he is incredibly talented and I am such a fan of his. He put on such an amazing show.

The 2014 EMAs.
Another concert theme highlight of the year was the EMAs. This year Glasgow played host to the annual MTV EMAs and I got tickets. The EMAs were a chance to see a worldwide award show take place and be filmed, and to see some big artist performing live and receiving their awards.

The MTV pop up workshops.
I got the opportunity to attend the MTV Pop ups being held in Glasgow for the EMAs. I went to a styling one with Topshop and MTV which was amazing. I got to learn the ins and outs of styling in the media business for different events ad types of people and we got to see Topshop’s new range. I attended a workshop with Kerry Taylor, who is the boss of TV. She told us about how to into the business and how to work our way up to a high profile job.

My holiday.
This year during the summer I went on holiday to Blackpool and it was amazing. The weather was amazing while were on holiday, the sun shone every day while we were on holiday. We were there in July so the weather was great and we go to do a bunch of stuff including the zoo and the Pleasure Beach which were two of my favourites because I love animals and theme parks.

Seeing Jack Whitehall live.
I love Jack Whitehall so when he went on tour this year in March I was thrilled to get tickets to go and see him in Glasgow on his stage show. He is a hilarious comedian and he was amazing when I seen him live. He makes everything he says funny and he pulls it off greatly.

Seeing Russell Howard live.
I saw Russell Howard live this year and he was hilarious! I love watching him on Russell Howard’s Good News so I was excited to see his live stage show when he came to Glasgow! He was amazing and he me laughing the whole time he was on stage!

Doing my blog.
I have liked doing my blog this year and have been having fun writing posts for it and sharing my views on things. I started my blog in September and since then I have been enjoying sharing my thoughts and ideas in my posts. I have been enjoying communicating with bloggers on here and on twitter. If you would like to follow me or my blog then here is the link to my twitter and to my bloglovin’.

Christmas was great this year. I got so many wonderful presents and I got to spend time with my family over the holidays. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and this tear was great and busy. I got amazing presents and my family were happy with the presents that I got them which made me happy.

Getting my bedroom redecorated.
I got my bedroom redecorated earlier this year and I love how it turned out. I wanted to get it lightened up and look a bit brighter and I loved how it turned out. I got some new furniture and it looks great in my room along with my new paint and wallpaper. I love my new carpet as well asI found a lovely pale purple-y grey shade.

Summer was one of my favourite parts of this year. Britain got amazing weather for the summer season this year and the sun was amazing. I spent my summer spending time with my family and friends enjoying the sun and getting a tan (or in my case, sunburnt). I loved spending hours just sitting in the sun and enjoying the hot weather.

22 Jump Street being released.
21 Jump Street is one of the funniest films I’ve seen. Channing Tatnum and Jonah Hill are both hilarious and amazing actors and they work perfectly as a team in these films. I loved the first film and the second and would love there to be a third Jump Street movie to be released as Channing Tatnum and Jonah Hill are hilarious together.

Winter is one of my favourite seasons. I love the lead up to Christmas and the weather that goes along with it because I get to break out my warm, cosy clothes and the city’s are done up for the festive season where I can spend time with my friends. It is also the time of year when coffee shops bring out their seasonal drinks which I love that because they are nice little winter warmers for this time of year.

Improving my make up skills and techniques.
During 2014 I have become more skilled in doing make up. I have been buying myself better quality make up and this has helped me improve my makeup skills this year. I have enjoyed looking atnew make up brands and trying new make up products.

My style.
During 2014 my style has improved and I have been buying new clothes to suit my style. I have been keeping an eye on what is in style and what celebrities are wearing. I love clothes and I hve been buying clothes that suit me.

So those are the 14 best bits of 2014 for me. Midnight marks the start of 2015 a new year to make new best bits.

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