28 August 2015

Red Sauce Revolution | A New Menu For Frankie And Benny's*

Frankie and Benny's is one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten in, I mean what's not to love? They have the most adorable chic, vintage interior and the most delicious Italian food to go with that! I was invited along to Frankie and Benny's restaurant in Glasgow's Fort to try out their new Red Sauce Revolution menu, I jumped at the chance! Here is how it went.

25 August 2015

Classics For A Reason | 2 Classic Reads

Reading has always been one of my favourite past times. I love getting lost in a story, and having characters steal my heart and pull me into a whole other world. I love all types of books, and being a lover of things that are old and vintage, it makes sense that a lot of my favourite books are old classics. In this post, I'm going to share with you 2 of my favourite classic books that I recommend to anyone who loves reading.

19 August 2015

Beauty Tips and Tricks

For this post I'm going to focus on some beauty tips for newbies to the beauty world (and hey, even for those of us who know a thing or two, you learn something every day!)

BPerfect Mineral Powder*

Powder is a part of my make up routine anytime that I wear foundation, I find that it helps set my foundation in place, and keep my skin feeling matte and soft. Recently I have tried the BPerfect Mineral Powder in Nude to see how it compares to my holy grail powder by Rimmel London.

16 August 2015

Kelly Brook 'Audition'*

Perfume is something that I love to haive in my beauty collection. My 'Daisy' perfume by Marc Jacobs and my Hollister Body Mists are my go to fragrances. Recently I added a new fragrance to my growing collection - 'Audition' by Kelly Brook.

6 August 2015

Dr PawPaw Orignal Balm*

In my make up collection, the staple item that I have acquired most of are lip products, mainly lip balm and lipsticks. Recently, I have found a lip balm that trumps all others I have tried so far, the Dr PawPaw Balm in Original*.

18 July 2015

MAC Lipstick Collection

Regular readers of my blog will be aware that my favourite lipsticks are MAC lipsticks. I think the colours that MAC come up with are absolutely stunning, and they offer a huge range of shades for all occasions. I own 6 MAC lipsticks at the moment, and in this post I'm going to give you a little look into the ones I have!

15 July 2015

FOTD | Cinema Day

Here is a FOTD for a cinema trip, simple make up with bold red lips!

12 July 2015

Personal Training with AG Fitness

On the 28th of June, I went along to AG Fitness, after being invited along by the gym's owner, Andy. Robyn and I headed along for a session at 11am on a Sunday morning, ambitious for a first time attending a gym! In this post, I am going to tell you about my experience with the gym, and some of the things we got up to! I also have a 15% discount for those of you wishing to try the gym!

5 July 2015

Pretty Little Lessons | Things We Can Learn From Pretty Little Liars

It's 2015 and unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you will have heard of the popular TV show 'Pretty Little Liars'. This is a show that I am a huge fan of, and that I think can teach us a few lessons.

14 June 2015

#TransformGlasgow Blogger Event With Transform

On Thursday I attended a blogger's event at Transform in Glasgow. The event was the first one that Transform have held in Glasgow so I was thrilled and intrigued to be invited along to see what it was all about.

Recipe | Soy Sauce and Lemon Chicken Stir Fry

9 times out of 10 I will order a chicken dish when I am eating at a restaurant. I love chicken in food. This is a recipe that I put together that combines a few of my favourite cooking ingredients, and it very simple to cook.

4 June 2015

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake*

I love cake, so I was thrilled when a lovely Bakerdays letterbox cake popped through my letterbox. These cakes are cute and quirky, ad the perfect gift for anyone who loves cakes.

28 May 2015

5 TV Characters I See In Myself

Have you ever been watching a for TV show and there is a charter who every time they open their mouth, you think "that is me?". For this post I thought I would write about the top 5 characters who remind me of well, me.

#SummerSkin with Magnitone Lucid*


As someone with pretty sensitive skin, I find cleansing an important part of my skincare routine. I usually use a micellar cleansing water on my skin after removing my make up, that was until I found the Magnitone Lucid*.

17 May 2015

Gusto Glasgow | Restaurant Review*

On Tuesday I was invited along to Gusto, an Italian restaurant in Glasgow. I was contacted by the restaurant and asked if I would like to come along and review them. Here we go with the review.

3 May 2015


ASOS has always been attractive to me, I love the look of the high end items that they offer. Well, unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you will have heard of a new site called Covet Me.

23 April 2015

Review: Skerries Restaurant Gastro Night

Last month I was invited along to Skerrie's restaurant in the Dunstane Hotel in Edinburgh, and for this post I will be letting you know what I thought of it!

14 April 2015

In Pictures | The Pinkprint Tour

1 April 2015

Review: Scoff Club's Scoff Box


For this post I am going to be writing up a review on a wonderful company called Scoff Club. "Who are Scoff Club?" I hear you ask, we'll let me tell you! Scoff Club are a monthly subscription service that each month sends you out a box filled with amazing British sweets. Want to know more about the box I got sent? Then keep reading!

15 March 2015

Emojis I Wish Existed

Aren't emojis a wonderful thing? Cute little animated pictures that sometimes can describe how we feel better than words? Being an avid supporter of emojis there are some certain emojis I feel are lacking that we NEED update and added to our keyboards, with that in mind this is today's post... emojis I wish existed!

13 March 2015

First Impressions: MAC Cyber

So recently I got this brand new lipstick that I am in love with. It's called Cyber and it is my latest additions to my MAC collection. This lipstick is so gorgeous I felt like I had to write a first impressions on it to share my thoughts on the lipstick!

12 March 2015

Review: The Vintage Cosmetics Company


I was recently sent out two products from the lovely people over at the Vintage Cosmetics Company. I was sent their bronzing brush and their floral brush roll to try the products. I already owned their concealer brush from before so I was thrilled to work with the company again. If you want to see what I thought of their products, read on!

3 March 2015

Travel Bucketlist

This post is going to be one that I don't usually tackle on my blog, but I'm going to give it shot because I really like the topic! Travel. That is the topic in question I am referring too. My posts tend to fall into the beauty and lifestyle category more often than not, with the odd fashion post included. But travelling is something that has always interested me. Doesn't the idea of soaking up another countries culture and the people around you sound amazing? For this post, I am going to share with you some of the travelling adventures and holidays that I want to partake when I have the money! So without any more waffling (oops...), let's get on with the post!

22 January 2015

Review: Dragonfly Tea!


So last week I received a lovely package from the nice people over at Dragonfly Tea! They are a British company who specialise in making tea in a variety of flavours! Their entire Dragonfly Tea Specialty Range is certified by the Organic Food Federation and they are part of the Fairtrade Food Foundation which is sow thing I like about them and it's a good thing as it means their products are made with the best ingredients! They were lovely enough to send me out 4 types of tea of my choosing, so let's get into the review!

15 January 2015

Naked Basics First Impressions


Today I got an exciting package delivered (well, exciting to me as I have been waiting for it since Sunday!) What was that package? Well, it was my Urban Decay “Naked Basics” palette! Naked palettes have always looked intriguing to me, so this month when I had some money I ordered myself the basics palette. I thought for this post I would share with you a first look at the product and how it was packaged when I received it.