22 January 2015

Review: Dragonfly Tea!


So last week I received a lovely package from the nice people over at Dragonfly Tea! They are a British company who specialise in making tea in a variety of flavours! Their entire Dragonfly Tea Specialty Range is certified by the Organic Food Federation and they are part of the Fairtrade Food Foundation which is sow thing I like about them and it's a good thing as it means their products are made with the best ingredients! They were lovely enough to send me out 4 types of tea of my choosing, so let's get into the review!

15 January 2015

Naked Basics First Impressions


Today I got an exciting package delivered (well, exciting to me as I have been waiting for it since Sunday!) What was that package? Well, it was my Urban Decay “Naked Basics” palette! Naked palettes have always looked intriguing to me, so this month when I had some money I ordered myself the basics palette. I thought for this post I would share with you a first look at the product and how it was packaged when I received it.