15 January 2015

Naked Basics First Impressions


Today I got an exciting package delivered (well, exciting to me as I have been waiting for it since Sunday!) What was that package? Well, it was my Urban Decay “Naked Basics” palette! Naked palettes have always looked intriguing to me, so this month when I had some money I ordered myself the basics palette. I thought for this post I would share with you a first look at the product and how it was packaged when I received it.

 I bought my palette from Feel Unique (you can check out their site here) for £19.75 in their sale, but you can purchase now for £22 (post and packaging included), and for is a steal for that price as it arrived at my house 4 days after I ordered it.

The Feel Unique packaging that the parcel came in, it came in white packaging with black snowflake detailing on the right hand side. Inside the parcel was the palette in it’s box, along with a sample of tea leaves with a thank you note message on the top of the packaging.

The palette itself came in a classic, sleek, brown Urban Decay box. The box had the classic Urban Decay logo on the front of the box and the name of the palette. On the back of the box are some instructions on how to use the product and a description of the colours included.

The palette is small, perfect size for a make up bag. It’s a couple of inches shorter than my phone (the iPhone 5S) and about the same width. The casing of the palette is a dark brown colour ad inside it contains 6 eyeshadows on the lower half of the case and the top half contains a long compact mirror.

The eyeshadow colours that come in the palette are gorgeous, they are nice neutral colours which are perfect. The colours start off at a light shade on the left and et darker as you move along to the right, with a black colour on the right

I’ve added swatches of the colours below.

(Above. L-R: Veuns, Foxy, W.O.S.)

(Abover. L-R: Naked 2, Faint, Crave.)

I'm excited to try the product out and see how it works. I hear a lot of people of talking about the Naked palettes so I am excited to try one out and see what I think of it. I bought the Real Techniques eyeshadow brush to use along with the eyeshadow palette so I am also excited to try out the brush.

What are you favourite eyeshadows?
Have you tried a Naked palette before?

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