22 January 2015

Review: Dragonfly Tea!


So last week I received a lovely package from the nice people over at Dragonfly Tea! They are a British company who specialise in making tea in a variety of flavours! Their entire Dragonfly Tea Specialty Range is certified by the Organic Food Federation and they are part of the Fairtrade Food Foundation which is sow thing I like about them and it's a good thing as it means their products are made with the best ingredients! They were lovely enough to send me out 4 types of tea of my choosing, so let's get into the review!

So I'm going to start with the way that the items were packaged when I got the, as I think the way in which the package was packaged (is that proper English? Ah, let's say it is!) was rather nice! The products came in a standard brown box, as show below:

However, what was on the inside of the box was what I found rather adorable! Inside the box were my four boxes of teaI had chosen, along with a little card explaining some background of the company and it's products, and the products that they offer! Along with that came a little hand written note from Rosanna at the company, which I found was a lovely little personal touch on their behalf!

So that was the packages packing! Now onto the tea! I was offered to chose 4 types of tea from their range, so I choose; Pure Peppermint Organic Infusion, Cape Malay Chai Organic Spiced Rooibos, Traditional English Organic Breakast Tea and Vanilla Rooibos!

So let's start off with the first flavour, which is Pure Peppermint Organic Infusions.
This is the first flavour I tried when I opened the package as I love anything flavoured with mint! The box smelled very minty when I opened it, and each tea bag was cutely packagd in it's own little packet which I thought was a nice touch. When I made this tea, I tried it first without any milk and sugar and I have t say, it was very strong! I like flavoured teas but without milk and sugar this tea was very strong, it was nice but a tad too strong for me to drink that way! When I added some milk and sugar to the tea, it was delicious and I really enjoyed the tase of this tea, and although the I was gifted the items, for only a few pounds for a box I definitely would say this is good value for money for those of you who like flavoured tea! Here is a close up of the box:

Cape Malay Chai Organic Spice Rooibos is another tea that was given to me. When I opened this box I got a lever big smell of cinnamon and I was hooked, I adore the taste of cinnamon. Like I did with the other teas, I tasted it without any milk and sugar first and was slightly confused, although the it left a slight after taste of cinnamon in my mouth, the tea itself lacked the cinnamon flavour I expected from such a strong scent. However when I added milk and sugar, that's when the cinnamon really shine through for me and it was delicious. A lovel cup of hot cinnamon (is that a thing?) and I was sold. Here's how this one looked (how gorgeous is their packaging?):

Traditional English Organic Breakfast Tea was another delicious flavour I chose to have sent to me. This one was picked because I am a huge fan of tea (in case that wasn't already obvious from all of the tea...) and I have to say this tea didn't disappoint! This tea may not be a fancy flavour, but it is nothing short of a cracking cup of tea! Here's this one:

Vanilla Rooibos is the fourth flavour that was sent to me, and this one was amazing. When I opened the box all I could smell was Twinkies, which makes sense as Twinkies are vanilla flavoured cakes and this is vanilla flavoured tea! This tea was delicious without sugar and milk, and it wasn't too overpowering but it was rather sweet. Howere after adding some milk and sugar I loved it just as much. Here's the box:

Thank you to those over at Dragonfly Tea for sending me out these lovely teas and I recommend you tea lovers go and check out their website as they have a lot of nice flavours to chose from in various types of tea!

Do you like tea?
What is your favourite type of tea?

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