15 March 2015

Emojis I Wish Existed

Aren't emojis a wonderful thing? Cute little animated pictures that sometimes can describe how we feel better than words? Being an avid supporter of emojis there are some certain emojis I feel are lacking that we NEED update and added to our keyboards, with that in mind this is today's post... emojis I wish existed!

13 March 2015

First Impressions: MAC Cyber

So recently I got this brand new lipstick that I am in love with. It's called Cyber and it is my latest additions to my MAC collection. This lipstick is so gorgeous I felt like I had to write a first impressions on it to share my thoughts on the lipstick!

12 March 2015

Review: The Vintage Cosmetics Company


I was recently sent out two products from the lovely people over at the Vintage Cosmetics Company. I was sent their bronzing brush and their floral brush roll to try the products. I already owned their concealer brush from before so I was thrilled to work with the company again. If you want to see what I thought of their products, read on!

3 March 2015

Travel Bucketlist

This post is going to be one that I don't usually tackle on my blog, but I'm going to give it shot because I really like the topic! Travel. That is the topic in question I am referring too. My posts tend to fall into the beauty and lifestyle category more often than not, with the odd fashion post included. But travelling is something that has always interested me. Doesn't the idea of soaking up another countries culture and the people around you sound amazing? For this post, I am going to share with you some of the travelling adventures and holidays that I want to partake when I have the money! So without any more waffling (oops...), let's get on with the post!