15 March 2015

Emojis I Wish Existed

Aren't emojis a wonderful thing? Cute little animated pictures that sometimes can describe how we feel better than words? Being an avid supporter of emojis there are some certain emojis I feel are lacking that we NEED update and added to our keyboards, with that in mind this is today's post... emojis I wish existed!

Middle finger emoji
We've all been there. Fuming with something or someone, dumbfounded for what to reply to a sarcastic, sassy text? This is where a perfect addition to our lives would be a middle finger emoji! How great would it be? Next to the laughing with tears emoji it would be my most used! (Update: THIS HAS BEEN ADDED, HALLELUJAH)

Cheeseburger emoji
I know we have a lot of food emojis, but the one that is lacking is definitely a cheeseburger emoji. I love burgers and order them most items when I go out to eat in restaurants but somehow I am yet to see a cheeseburger emoji! Not impressed guys, I want a cheeseburger emoji!

An adult man emoji
This sounds dumb and random but you've probably noticed that there is a baby emoji, a girl emoji, a boy emoji, an adult woman emoji, and yet the adult man emoji look rather old. I'd love an adult man emoji for when I am tweeting about my love for Ed Westwick or other hot men.

A King Emoji
Ever noticed that there is a queen emoji yet there is no king emoji? Why is there no king emoji? I think we need one! We need a king emoji for when we see a hot man that we call (for lack of a better term) bae. We need a king emoji, all those in favour say aye!

What emojis would you like to see added to your keyboard?
What are your favourite emojis?

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