12 March 2015

Review: The Vintage Cosmetics Company


I was recently sent out two products from the lovely people over at the Vintage Cosmetics Company. I was sent their bronzing brush and their floral brush roll to try the products. I already owned their concealer brush from before so I was thrilled to work with the company again. If you want to see what I thought of their products, read on!

Bronzing Brush

This brush is so soft. The bristles feel so good on my face, and I have been using it for a fortnight and no bristles have fallen out yet which is a big plus in my book! Before I got this brush I was using the small, rectangular brush that can with Hoola by Benefit. I found that that particular brush left big streaks and blocks of colour on my cheeks, however this brush from the Vintage Cosmetics Company was the opposite. It is big, fluffy and It applies my bronzer flawlessly. It is easy to blend with and it doesn’t leave my bronzer looking really brown on my cheeks. It gets a 10/10 from me!

Floral Brush Roll

This floral brush roll has come in so handy to me. I was finding my brushes were starting to take up too much room in my make up bag as they are quite large brushes and my make up bag is rather small. This brush roll easily holds all of my brushes and it fits them perfectly. The bronzing brush fits in t perfectly however as I use real techniques make up brushes, they’re a little thicker than the Vintage Cosmetics Company so they are a little harder to get into the brush roll than the thinner Vintage Cosmetics Company ones. Other brushes still fit in this brush roll which is very useful, and this product gets a 9/10 from me, the only reason it didn’t get a ten is because of the small difficulties getting the thicker handled Real Techniques brushes in.

Thanks for reading my review on the Vintage Cosmetics Company and they products they gave me to review. I love this company and am grateful for the chance to work with them, and you should go check them out!

Do you use any of the Vintage Cosmetics Company’s items?
Who are your favourite beaut brands for beauty tools?

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