3 March 2015

Travel Bucketlist

This post is going to be one that I don't usually tackle on my blog, but I'm going to give it shot because I really like the topic! Travel. That is the topic in question I am referring too. My posts tend to fall into the beauty and lifestyle category more often than not, with the odd fashion post included. But travelling is something that has always interested me. Doesn't the idea of soaking up another countries culture and the people around you sound amazing? For this post, I am going to share with you some of the travelling adventures and holidays that I want to partake when I have the money! So without any more waffling (oops...), let's get on with the post!

Road Trip around the United States of America

This one sounds a bit cliche to some people no doubt, but something I have always wanted to do is visit all 50 American states. Indtead of flying between states on God knows how many expensive trips, I'd rather learn how to drove, rent a car and drive betweent he states spendig as much time in each place as I see fit. If I had the time and the money right now to do so, I would. I would pack my bags, and be off to America.

Santorini, Greece

Pretty much everyone Twitter or Instagram who has seen a phoot of Santorini in Greece has fallen head over heels in love with the location. Who wouldn't? The stunning sea views? The immense and immaculate hotels to stay in, it's a traveller's paradise. With and extravagant price tag to match those extravagant views and immeneties, is it any wonder a girl like me can only hope to one day have enough money to treat myself to a trip there?


I have always had a fascination with the Egyptians. The whole culture and background has such a rich history, Inget lost in it just learning all that I can about it. I would love to visit Egypt on day and see the pyramids first hand and be able to soak up some of they amazing culture this country has to offer.

The Amazon Rainforest

Getting up close and personal with nature in the Amazon rainforest is always something that I like the sound of. I would love to take a trip there and see all the amazing sights it has to offer. The rainforest is absolutely full of animals and nature and I would love to get in there and see what it has to offer. To get the chance to see all of these plants and anakmals in their natural habitat while we stil can before we as a society destroy the rainforests altogether and won't have the chance to see these beauties anymore.

Disneyland Paris/France in general

Paris is a beautiful city. France is a beautiful country. What better place to spend a weekend or a holiday than soaking up the culture. French is a language that is so delicate and beautiful and I would love to learn more of it to become fluent in French. Australia I love Australia. The place looks sonbeautful, the weather is always amazing and the accent is so lush. I'd love to spend a holiday in Australia just soaking up the culture and the sun and listening to people talk so I can hear their adorable and really hot accent. Especially some lush looking surfer guy.

There are I many more places that I want to visit and travel to but if I were to list them all here, I'd be here writing the list of travel destinations until 2016!

Are there any places you really want to travel to?
Have you been anywhere you would recommend travelling to?

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