1 April 2015

Review: Scoff Club's Scoff Box


For this post I am going to be writing up a review on a wonderful company called Scoff Club. "Who are Scoff Club?" I hear you ask, we'll let me tell you! Scoff Club are a monthly subscription service that each month sends you out a box filled with amazing British sweets. Want to know more about the box I got sent? Then keep reading!

After I opened up the big box of goodies, everything was concealed inside some bright yellow tissue paper that was sealed with a Scoff Club sticker, which was such a cute touch! As you cand re from the photo at the start of this post and this next one, the box was packed to the top of the box with various treats and sweeties!

This box contained:

- 2 mini packets of Rainbow Drops
- 4 Vimto lollipops
- 4 mixed flavour lollipops
- 2 mini bags of Fun Gums
- 3 Drumstick lollipops
- 1 Wham bar
- 2 strawberry Refresher chews
- 2 original Refresher chews
- 1 bags of jelly eggs
- 1 bag of cola cubes
- 1 bag of rhubarb and custards

As you can see there are so many varieties of sweets in this box! It's all either lollipops, chewy sweets or other assorted candy! No chocolate which means no breakages in the post and non melting! The sweets were all delicious and tastes amazing! I loved the variety and the fact that some were hard candies and some were soft and chewy candies!

I love this box and I definitely recommend getting one of them if you love old fashioned, old times British sweets!

Have you tried Scoff Club yet?
Will you try their boxes?

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