23 April 2015

Review: Skerries Restaurant Gastro Night

Last month I was invited along to Skerrie's restaurant in the Dunstane Hotel in Edinburgh, and for this post I will be letting you know what I thought of it!

The night started off with me and fellow blogger Robyn (you can find her blog here and it is fantastic!) taking the trip from Glasgow up to Edinburgh. The hotel was fairly easy to locate and when we got there, we were greeted by incredibly friendly staff and fellow bloggers and journalists!

When we got into the room where the event was being held, we were given complimentary cocktails which were gin, elderflower and cucumber! They were delicious, and such a nice little way to say hello!

We exchanged business cards and chit chat, being introduced to fellow bloggers and professionals who were there from the POSH Agency who organised the ever for us. The chef himself, Paul Hood, was lovely. I got the mechanics to meet him and hear about his career and new menu, before he gave us a little talk about his new menus and the ideas that he had to take the restaurant and it's menus forward.

There were some lovely speakers there from the butchers and meat providers for the products to the chef. Below you'll see some of the lovely appetisers we had, which were complimentary and mini versions of the menus items. Above each photo I will list what it was!

This is a mushroom based pastry appetiser with cream cheese

Left: Barbecue Venison Burger
Right: Traditional Beef Burger

Salmon and cavier rice cracker

These are the appetisers that were got, there were also duck burgers which I didn't get as they ran out of hem but the did look amazingly tasty! All of the food that I tasted that night was fantastic, even the salmon and cavier appetiser which surprised me as I am not a fan of any other fish than tuna fish.

We also had the chance to go whiskey tasting which was fun, we got to sample thee type of whiskey aged to different years. They were delicious and got a whiskey lesson about how there age and how different thy taste when water is added etc. it was very interesting and we eve got to enter a competition to enter three medium sized bottles of whiskey which was fun! Here are a couple of photos!

We also got to do wine tasting which was equally as awesome! We tasted red wine, white wine and the lovely man who was providing the wine lesson even blended me a special rosy wine from a mix of Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc when I said that I said that I liked rosy wine. Here are some photos from the wine tasting:

Have you ever been to Skerrries'?
Will you be going to it?

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