28 May 2015

5 TV Characters I See In Myself

Have you ever been watching a for TV show and there is a charter who every time they open their mouth, you think "that is me?". For this post I thought I would write about the top 5 characters who remind me of well, me.

#SummerSkin with Magnitone Lucid*


As someone with pretty sensitive skin, I find cleansing an important part of my skincare routine. I usually use a micellar cleansing water on my skin after removing my make up, that was until I found the Magnitone Lucid*.

17 May 2015

Gusto Glasgow | Restaurant Review*

On Tuesday I was invited along to Gusto, an Italian restaurant in Glasgow. I was contacted by the restaurant and asked if I would like to come along and review them. Here we go with the review.

3 May 2015


ASOS has always been attractive to me, I love the look of the high end items that they offer. Well, unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you will have heard of a new site called Covet Me.