17 May 2015

Gusto Glasgow | Restaurant Review*

On Tuesday I was invited along to Gusto, an Italian restaurant in Glasgow. I was contacted by the restaurant and asked if I would like to come along and review them. Here we go with the review.

Gusto is located on Bothwell Street, which is right around the corner from Central Station which was very handy as it made it easy to find. My first impression of the exterior of Gusto was elegant, very fancy and a nice place. It was extremely well kept on the outside, clean and it looked like to was going to be a great place so my expectations were high.

When we entered the restaurant, I loved the atmosphere. The interior design was amazing, I was thoroughly impressed and it met my expectations from outside perfect. Once we got to our table, our waitress introduced herself to us. She was lovely and very accommodating.

We were given the menu and given a chance to browse it see what we wanted. We were treated to a three course meal each so chose our drinks and an appetiser each first. Here is the very extensive menu, overflowing with dishes to suit all food lovers.

We were given free water for the table upon being seated, and were given the choice between still and sparkling which I was grateful of as I don't like sparkling water so it was nice to be given the option to get still instead, which is what we did. The water came in a nice glass bottle with a message on the back, which I though was cute. It was Belu Still Mineral Water, for those of you wondering. It was delicious. I know what you're thinking, how can it taste delicious, all water tastes the same! Not this water, this water had such a refreshing and crisp taste, it was amazing. It was even poured for us! The service, even at this point, was amazing. The waitresses were so friendly and helpful.


The first drink I got was the Strawberry and Mint cooler. This drink was extremely refreshing and it taster delicious. There was even a sprig of mint in it so that I knew exactly what ingredients were in it. The taste was spot on, it was described as strawberry and mint, and that is exactly what I got. Sometimes drinks with fruity flavours can be overpower and you don't get to taste the overall desired flavour but not this one, it was spot on and I loved it.

For my appetiser I chose the Sweet Pepper Compote and Goat's Cheese Bruschetta. The dish was delicious and the goat's cheese on it tasted delicious, it was so creamy. I am not usually a fan of peppers however this compote was fantastic and so tasty. I think the flavours that were in this dish complimented each other fantastically. The bread was toasted perfectly and was nice and crispy which tasted amazing with the extremely soft and creamy goat's cheese. There was a balsamic vinegrette that was drizzled on top of the dish hat was exquisite.

My main meal was the delicious Oven Baked Ginnochi. This dish was a delicious pasta dish was was served with a spicy tomato sauce, incredibly soft pasta and spicy salami. It was amazing. As a huge fan of pasta, and dining at an Italian restaurant, it made sense to get pasta and this one didn't disappoint. The portion size was also surprising, as you had the choice of a small or a large, and I chose the small. For a small portion, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got. I wasn't expecting as much, but I am so thrilled it was as big as it was because it was delicious.

Before dessert I got another drink but this time I got a Cherry Cooler. This one was delicious as well and it was so cherry-like. This one had cherries at the bottom as well that I think it added a lot to the cherry flavour.

For dessert I got the Nutella and Marscapone Calzone and it was absolutely fantastic. It was delicious and I loved it. It was so soft and creamy as the Nutella was melted and was nice and hot. It was essentiall and soft pancake type pastry filled with melted Nutella  and marscapone There was also a scoop of delicious and creamy vanilla ice cream to go along with it.


This restaurant was perfect and I give it a solid 10/10 for everything. I would love to visit again and have some more of their delicious food and drinks.

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