28 May 2015

#SummerSkin with Magnitone Lucid*


As someone with pretty sensitive skin, I find cleansing an important part of my skincare routine. I usually use a micellar cleansing water on my skin after removing my make up, that was until I found the Magnitone Lucid*.

Magnitone describes the Lucid on their website as being able to provide "Softer + Clearer + Brighter Skin in Just 7 Days".

The range is available in 4 colours; Aqua Green, Plush Pink, Dazzling Blue or Sunshine Yellow.

I have the brush in the beautiful colour Dazzling Blue,and it is beautiful.

When you purchase a Magnitone Lucid you get; the brush in your chosen colour, the charger, a 1 year guarantee and an instruction manual.

After just one use of the Lucid I noticed a significant improvement in the feel of my skin. It felt instant softer and it felt a lot more stimulated and cleansed. The sensation of the bristles takes a little while to get used to if you haven't used an exfoliating brush before, but it is rather soothing when you get used to it.

The brush has a built in time that beeps after a certain amount of time which is to let you know when to move onto a new area of your face, and this is something that I found very useful when cleansing my face with the brush.

I found that after using my brush for a few days, my skin was clearer and my spots had been significantly reduced, and my breakouts had been curbed, I had no new spots after using this a few days.

I use my brush in small circular motions around my cheeks, chin and forehead. I tend to cleanse my face with the Magnitone after removing my make up or on days when I wear no make up, I cleanse at night when I will be sitting with free time.

I recommend using a moisturiser to make the best of your newly refreshed and cleansed skin I use my Benefit Total Moisture face cream because I feel like it is nice an refreshing on my skin and it makes it feel soft and smooth.

I you are interested in getting yourself a Magnitone Lucid, you can click here and use the code Ashley20 to get yourself a 20% dicount off your purchase!

Do you have a Magnitone Lucid?
How do you cleanse your face?

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