4 June 2015

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake*

I love cake, so I was thrilled when a lovely Bakerdays letterbox cake popped through my letterbox. These cakes are cute and quirky, ad the perfect gift for anyone who loves cakes.

A cake that can fit through your letterbox is something that seemed a rather strange idea to me, what if it got bashed? Bakerdays surprised me with how well this cake was packaged for flying through letterboxes, it was perfectly intact when I received it!

The cakes come packaged in a beautiful light blue, floral tin made of metal, and the cake inside it is packaged in a little plastic back, to protect it from being smeared all over the tin.

There is a small tab on the cardboard base of the cake to allow you to remove the cake from it's tin with ease, which I though was a nice added extra as no-one wants to spend an eternity wrestling with there cake to get it out of the package when they want a piece!

The website offers a range of different cakes for birthdays and celebrations, but you can also customise your own with a photo of your choice.

I chose to have my blog's banner on my cake (although my banner has since changed!).

This is how my cake turned out.

My cake was delicious, and I would that you check out their site. My cake was a chocolate chip cookie flavour and it was amazing. The sponge was so moist and the chocolate flavour was fantastic, I love that the icing was thick and creamy, the kind that melts in your mouth.

The cake was great for a snack. It came with two balloons, a couple of candles and a little party horn so that if you are gifting this to someone as a birthday gift, they have the little party favours that go with it.

This cake get a 10/10 from me. I love the service and the cake was fantastic!

Have you tried Bakerdays cakes?
What kind of cake do you love the most?

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