14 June 2015

#TransformGlasgow Blogger Event With Transform

On Thursday I attended a blogger's event at Transform in Glasgow. The event was the first one that Transform have held in Glasgow so I was thrilled and intrigued to be invited along to see what it was all about.

Transform is a cosmetic surgery firm and being the curious person I am, I was very excited to be invited along to this event. I have never been against cosmetic surgery, and I have always been interested in the ins and outs around the subject.

I attended the event with my best friend and fellow blogger Robyn. The first thing we noticed about the surgery is how is how central it's location was to the city, a few minutes walk from Queen Street Station and we were there.

Transform's location was a shocker to us thanks to how discreet it was. After finding it, we were amazing at the fact that we have walked past it many times and never once noticed it was there. This is a plus on their side because many people don't want the whole world to know when they have ha work done, so it's discreet yet convenient location is a bonus.

When we arrived at the event we were greeted by Sophie from Label PR, who were the PR company who work alongside Transform when organising events like these. Chloe was lovely and handed out stickers to the bloggers who were there, though she couldn't find mine! She chatted to us and we were offered drinks from the cute little selection they had on offer by the door.

We were then led through to a waiting room and told to help ourselves to the food on offer. The atmosphere felt wonderful, and I felt very comfortable and at ease. The lovely people that were putting on the event had laid out a little buffet for us, with a variety of little canapes and cakes for us to eat, the tomato and mozarella bruschetta was a particular favourite of mine!

After a while a few more bloggers arrived and we got chatting to a lovely girl named Breige. We had a chat with her for a while before having a chat with one of the Transform workers named Shami,who was lovely and spent ages making us feel very welcome and chatting with us about the company and about the recent trend of cosmetic surgery (you guessed it, Kylie Jenner was the subject.) We even had a chat about blogging and the importance of the brand and blogger relationship,and how important the blogging community is. Shami seemed to show great appreciation and gratitude for the blogging community and for us attending especially, which I think was wonderful as it really showed how grateful brands and companies can be for the help of bloggers, and it really made s feel like we were appreciated.

After a brief talk about the company, Shami told us about the three procedures we were going to be seeing; a Glycolic Facial Peel, Botox injections and Lip Fillers.

The glycolic facial peel was the first procedure we seen being done. The peel is a non surgical procedure, in which an acid cream (peel) is applied to the face and left to sit on the skin for a few moments before another layer is added. The procedure was carried out by a licensed practitioner on a member of staff from Transform. The practitioner informed us how the peel worked, and that it  is recommended for all any skin type. It is used to cleanse ad rejuvenate the skin, and can even skin tone. The practitoner was very well informed and happy to answer any questions that us bloggers had, for example, "What age do you recommend them peel for?", "How painful is it?", "How much does it cost?" and "How often do you recommend getting a peel?".

Up next was Botox injections. This procedure was the most informative all three, and I found ut a ot of information about Botox that I didn't know. I found out that Botox leaves no effects whatsoever, when it wears off, it wears off. Once your Botox wears off, then your skin goes back to normal and you are left with no change. I really enjoyed learning more about the Botox and how only a trained doctor or prescribing nurse can administer Botox, as it has to be made up then and there to the strength you need for the areas you are having done.

One point that was told to us firmly was: if you are getting Botox, make sure you are getting it done by either a licensed doctor or prescribing nurse, and that a proper dose of Botox in the correct form should cost you no less than about £300, if you are getting Botox cheaper than that, you most likely aren't getting Botox.
After finding out  the practitioner administering her Botox had also had Botox for years, I was shocked because I couldn't tell that she had been having Botox injections for many years, and it reaffirmed the point that the staff ad been making all night; if any cosmetic surgery procedure is done correctly, it can have fantastic results.

Lip fillers were the third procedure we seen being done. With the recent media hype around Kylie Jenner and her lips I was intrigued to be finding out some more information on lip fillers. One thing I found interesting about lip fillers, is that you don't actually ave to have you lip filled to get lip fillers.you can have the outside rim of your lip (the area you pencil over with lip liner) filled and plumped and this will give you bigger, fuller lips. If you want to have your full lip plumped then you can also have that,where the filled is injected into the lip and voila, plum lips. It was intriguing to learn that there is also a scale by which you can have a lip filler, beginning with the lowest which would give you nice. subtly plumped lips and gradually moving up until you get lips a la Kylie Jenner.

After we had seen all three procedures we were led back to the waiting area, where we were given goodie bags and thank for coming along.

Inside the goodie bags were a huge array of goodies! I was shocked t see how much stuff was in them, it was fantastic! They were incredibly generous in the gifts!

I was absolutely thrilled by the evening and was by far one of the best blogger events that I have attended. It was incredibly informative and I came away with an incredibly positive outlook on the industry.

I feel as though after that evening I am much more educated and informed on the industry and t shows the skill of the practitioners who are carrying out these procedures have because it goes to show that when done properly, procedures such as facial peels, Botox and lip fillers can look fantastic.

Have you heard of Transform?
Would you ever get any cosmetic surgery?

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