12 July 2015

Personal Training with AG Fitness

On the 28th of June, I went along to AG Fitness, after being invited along by the gym's owner, Andy. Robyn and I headed along for a session at 11am on a Sunday morning, ambitious for a first time attending a gym! In this post, I am going to tell you about my experience with the gym, and some of the things we got up to! I also have a 15% discount for those of you wishing to try the gym!

The gym is in Charring Cross, in Glasgow, and is ideally located a minute'd walk away from the station. We had a bit of a trek trying to find it, but that was down to us not being able to read a map. AG Fitness isn't sign posted, however the health club where it is situated is, and if you come out of Charring Cross station, and turn right, you'll see it right across from the premier inn - very handy and if a gym session is all you have planned, you can get to and from it in no time.

Andy greeted us at the door, and we chatted a bit before he showed us to the changing area. The changing rooms were a great size, with lockers to keep your stuff in if you wanted to, hairdryers, mirrors, toilets and showers, it was perfect to get changed and ready for a good work out session!

After we got changed into our workout clothes, we headed trough and signed some standard health forms, and left an emergency contact - a great idea, if anything happens, they know who to contact!

The four exercises we did in this half hour session were; Rowing machines, Suspension Training, Battle Ropes and the Prowler.

The first thing we did was a warm up, to get our bodies and muscles ready for the personal training session. We did 5 minutes on a rowing machine, which is a machine that I love using  so thumbs up from me on that one! While we warmed up, Andy stood and chatted to us about what we are doing at uni, what our week had been like - we even had a can about blogging. He made us feel very welcomed and relaxed, and for me this is a huge plus as it made me relax and feel much more at ease, which is a good thing when you are putting your faith in someone to train you right and show you what to do.

After this, we moved on to what is called Suspension Training. This involved holding on to two long rope that were attached to the ceiling. As he was showing us how to do the exercise, Andy talked s through what the exercise does and why it is good for you. This guy really knew his stuff and it was really interesting to hear about how the muscles work and how they are strengthened with this exercise. It was essentially, as I would describe it, like push ups standing up. I lowered myself back, then pulled myself up and held my body there, using my arms to keep my up, then back down. The further in front of you you put your feet, the more tension would be put on your arms when coming up, and it was nice to know this as we could alter the level of tension we put on our arms to suit us.

The third exercise that we did was the Battle Ropes. this involved a very heavy rope and some strong lifting power! Andy wrapped this massive rope around the back of an exercise bike to keep it in place, leaving the rope bent into a U shape and that meant there was one section of rope for each hand! All this exercise required was for us to lift the ropes one at a time, and beat them against the ground. This exercise was my favourite and it was very fun to do! The exercise lasted for 15 seconds before a break then another 15 seconds, and Andy was there the whole time to encourage us and cheer us on which I really liked as it felt like he wanted us to do well with the exercise.

The next exercise was called Prowler. This involved pushing what looked like a weight holder along the floor from one point to to another and back again, with it being slightly easer to push from one side compared to the other, to give your muscles a challenge. After we did this a few times, Andy added a weight to the equipment and we pushes  ]it again, only this time the weight was increases, which meant so was the effort to push it. It gave my muscles a real work out, and I could feel them tensing and relaxing with each push.

After this we did some stretches to relax our muscles, and our session was finished. I had such fun at the session, that I was gutted when the half hour was over as it flew by. It was really nice to get to chat to Andy throughout the exercises and find out about him and his business, and chat about us and our blogging. Andy really made the experience even more enjoyable, and I would 100% recommend this gym to anyone. I would go back in a flash. For personal training I think it is good to have someone who you feel comfortable with training you, and to be in a good environment. Andy and AG Fitness certainly offers that. The experience was amazing, I felt very at ease and relaxed while I was there and I felt as though I left AG Fitness knowing a lot more about the gym world and about muscles and working out and a lot of that was down to Andy and his amazing skills, and amazing gym!

Andy kindly gave me a 15% off code for my readers if and if you want to go along and check out the place for yourself. The code is "HeyAshley15". AG Fitness' website can be found here, and if you have a look around the gym's website, you'll see that he offers something for everyone!

Have you ever done personal training?
What are your favourite kinds of exercise?

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