5 July 2015

Pretty Little Lessons | Things We Can Learn From Pretty Little Liars

It's 2015 and unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you will have heard of the popular TV show 'Pretty Little Liars'. This is a show that I am a huge fan of, and that I think can teach us a few lessons.

Never underestimate anyone
This is something that PLL shows us a lot throughout the show, and it is something that I believe. You should never underestimate anyone, because you never know what some people are capable of. Underestimating people is something that a lot of people do, it is hard not to underestimate (and overestimate) people I mean, how many people really suspected Ali faked her death? (I did but hey ho). How about Aria's murderous shove, who say that coming? Shana sure didn't.

People are always who they seem
Throughout the show Marlene King has thrown more character twists our way than we can keep track of, often showing us that the character's we have come to know and love (or hate) are actually the complete opposite of what we thought. This is something that happens in real life too, people aren't always necessarily how they seem. Some people may have a totally different way of acting when they are are at work from how they are with friends, and different again in university/college. People act different with different people, and we  aren't always seeing a person for how they necessarily are.

Be careful who you trust
One of the fundamental themes in this show; trust. Be careful who you trust because there are a lot of people out there who would tear you down just to get ahead of you. Hanna trusted Mona though season 1 and 2 and she turned out to be a stalking bitch who tortured the girls for ages... okay getting off topic. But the moral of the story is; be careful who you trust (and sometimes your best friend is going to stalk you with creepy messages and kill your other friends).

Karma is a bitch
PLL teaches us right from the outset that karma really is A (see what I did there?) bitch. Good things come to those who wait, and similarly, if you are a bitch, karma is coming for you. Ali was a complete bitch to so many people for so long, that eventually someone came after her with a taste of her own medicine. In real life, the chances of you being stalked by an A like character are slim to none, but the rule still applies; karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. (Ali could have used this post a few years ago, eh? hiyaitsashley, advising the PLL girls since 2015).

People change
People do change. Alison DiLaurentis is a one woman case for this point. Ali was, for lack of a better term, a complete bitch  in the flashbacks and stories we hear about her (pre smack on the head and buried alive), but we do see through the seasons that Ali has genuinely changed for the better. This is something that I believe in in real life. People do change, not always, but people do change. Whether that be for the better or not, it happens. Sometimes it takes a while but people's attitudes do change. People grow up. Sometimes a change of scenery or friend group can change a person's attitude and that can be a marvellous thing. I mean, look at the liars progress through the seasons, can you see them taking any of Ali's crap nowadays. Hell no. They don;t even take A shit anymore, you do not want to mess with them this season, you will be slapped.

There's no smoke without fire
If something happens or is said, there is often a reason for it so never assume anything or take anything for granted. In the show, like it or not, ChArles is doing this for a reason. According to Marlene, when we find out why he (*cough* she *cough*) is doing all this, we will understand why they felt the need to do it. In life, whenever something happens, there is a good reason for it. Things don't just happen for no reason.

Treat others with respect, you never now when you'll need them
PLL teaches us this at various points throughput the seasons. The liars are forever finding new links to people that they don't expect and end up needed help or information from them, which proves harder to get if they have been bitches to them. In life, you should always treat people with respect, and in the way you want t be treated. You never know when you are going to need them. I mean, how much easier would the liar's relationship with Jenna been had they not, y'know, blinded her. Or Alison's relationship with Toby is she hadn't been so manipulative and bitchy?

I love Pretty Little Liars, it is one of my favourite TV shows. I feel like not only is it incredible thrilling, and filled with tremendous actors but that it really does touch on a lot of the themes that people face in real life, (apart from the whole stalking anonymously thing...).

Are you a PLL fan?
Who is your favourite character?

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