19 August 2015

Beauty Tips and Tricks

For this post I'm going to focus on some beauty tips for newbies to the beauty world (and hey, even for those of us who know a thing or two, you learn something every day!)

Colour match base make up to your jaw, NOT your hand.
When you're trying to find a match for base products suck as concealer and foundation to to your skin tone, it's important to always match to the skin on your jawline, not the skin on your hand. I know it easier to match to your hand than your face in store, but the pigment and colour on your hand is different from your face. What matches your skin on your hands, won't match the skin on your face.

Blend your foundation well.
After applying your foundation, use the excess left on the brush to blend under your neck and down to your chest, this will ensure that your face matches the neck and will not leave your with the dreaded foundation line.

Use translucent setting powder to set eyeliner.
If you feel as though your eyeliner is transferring or smudging onto your eyelid as the day goes on, a simple trick to set your eyeliner is to use translucent powder. Before applying your eyeliner, dabs a tiny amount of power over the lid then line your eyes. Afterwards, dab another tiny amount over the top of your eyelid about your liner. This will stop the liner rubbing off onto your eyelid through the day. See my post on this tip here.

Don't throw away mascaras or nail polishes when you think they are empty.
When you get to the end of your mascara or nail polish, don't toss it in the bin! Put it in a cup of boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will loosen up all of the prouder that is stuck around the sides of the tube/bottles and allow you more products to use!

Use matte eyeshadow as an eyebrow powder.
If you are finding to hard to find a good eyebrow product you match your eyebrows' colour, use a matte eyeshadow to fill in your brows, it will work the same as any formulate eyebrow powder.

Use concealer one shade darker than your skin tone under foundation for dark circles.
If you have very dark under eye circles use a concealer one shade darker than your skin tone to cover them before applying your regular foundation then, apply your own concealer over the top of your foundation, lightly patting it into your under eyes. The dark concealer will hide them, the foundation will blend out the darker shade, and the regulars concealer shade over the top will help brighter the eyes.

Make any lipstick matte using translucent power.
If you have a lipstick shade that you love but find it just too shiny or glossy, you can make it matte by using translucent powder! Simply apply your lipstick, then place a tissue over the lips and dab a small amount over translucent powder over the tissue using a large power brush. Small particles of the power will transfer through the tissue to your lips and mattify the lipstick, without removing or altering the colour!

Use bronzer to make your jaw line prominent.
After applying your bronzer, tap off the excess bronzing powder and run the brush under your jaw bone and chin. This will creating a slightly darker shading under the chine and jaw, which will make the jaw and chin more prominent.

Don't throw out products in squeeze tubes.
Before throwing out any products in a squeeze this, make sure your cute open the plastic carefully and scrape out any remaining product. You can use it then and there if you need to, or depot it into another container.

Use a dab of highlight or light concealer blended into the inner corner or your eye to make your eyes pop.
A tiny dab of highlighter or concealer in the inner corner of your eyes will help make your eyes pop and be more noticeable.

What are your beauty tips?
Are any of these useful to you?

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