16 August 2015

Kelly Brook 'Audition'*

Perfume is something that I love to haive in my beauty collection. My 'Daisy' perfume by Marc Jacobs and my Hollister Body Mists are my go to fragrances. Recently I added a new fragrance to my growing collection - 'Audition' by Kelly Brook.

The packaging of this bottle caught my eye the second that I laid eyes on it, it reminded me of the packaging and designing found frequently throughout one of my favourite movies - The Great Gatsby. The simple black box with pink toned, rose gold linear detailing gives off the impression of elegance right away. The linear designing of the packaging reminded me of The Great Gatsby DVD cover, and had my hooked instantly.

Inside the beautiful packaging was a simple rectangular bottle. The bottle's lid is a large, sleek black square with the same pink toned, rose gold detailing as the outer packaging. The bottle is very simple, with one sticker on the front, stating who's fragrance it was and the name with some other details. I like the simple packaging, as I feel like it keeps with the simple, yet elegant theme of the fragrance. The rest of the bottle is plain,with the slightest hint of pink. One more sticker is found on the bottom of the bottle, stating the fragrances details.


The scent of the fragrance is a very elegant, summery fragrance. This perfume is perfect for the summer months, it is light and fresh and it lasts very well. The perfume has a very floral scent. The fragrance contains notes of dew fruit, melon, juicy beragmont and water apple. This fragrance is perfect for summer, containing a lot of fresh, floral and fruity elements that gives it a very elegant and beautiful scent. The subtle nature of this fragrance allows it to be worn any time, and makes it a signature fragrance for this time of year.

'Audition' can be purchased as various retailers online and in store, and prices start at £14.95 for 100ml.

Have you tried this perfume?
What is your favourite perfume?

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