31 January 2016

Belgium | A Look Into The Past

One of the best trips I have ever taken, was to Belgium. I took this trip with my old school, when I was in 6th year. We went to Belgium to learn about the war, and the repercussions of it. In this post, I thought it would be nice to talk a little about the trip and show some photos from it.

This trip took place in 2012, and it is still one of the best experiences I've had. We took a ferry from Britain across to The Netherlands, and we settled for the week in a lovely little hotel in Belgium. For the first few days of the trip, we travelled Bach and forth across the beautiful Belgian country, and visited a number of war memorials, graveyards and museums. I have a huge interest in history, and to get to see first hand the sheer scale of some of the graveyards (both British and German), was an experience I'll never forget. Some of these resting places spanned greater distances than could be imagined.

One graveyard we visited was dedicated to the faked soldiers of Britain alone. In this cemetery, there were literally thousands upon thousands of graves. The amount of tombstones for unnamed soldiers labelled as 'a soldier of the feat war', was unbelievable.

We also visited various museums and memorials that showed the impact and the goings on of the war, and it was incredible to hear and see the things that these soldiers went through, on both sides. We attended the daily memorial service held in in the city centre, which was very moving to witness this turnout and memorial that takes place each day in the city.

On the last few days of the trip, we got to go shopping and sightseeing around the beautiful towns in Belgium, and I was taken away by the breathtaking architecture all around. The buildings were huge and so aesthetically pleasing you would be able to look at them for days, (perfectly instagramable!). We even went to a chocolate factory where I gathered up a huge deletion of tasty Belgian treats.

We done a tonne of little fun things in between, like going to the beach! We also went to a theme park on the last day, and it was incredible! The rides were a blast, so perfect for thrill seeking and an adrenaline rush, especially with the lovely views from it being mostly outdoors!

Below I've put some of my favourite images from the trip, to let you see a little look into what it was like! I had an absolutely incredible time!

(Above: various graveyards from across Belgium)


(Above: various adventures around Belgium)

Have you got a favourite trips you've taken?
Where's the nicest place you been on a trip?

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