5 January 2016

Benefit 'They're Real Remover' | Review

I love wearing eyeliner, I feel like a little swish of eyeliner can really complete an eye look! Benefit's 'They're Real! Push Up Liner' is my favourite eyeliner that I have ever used, and for Christmas I was given its partner in crime, 'They're Real! Remover'. In this post I'm going to be giving a first impressions review of the product!

Those of you who use the Benefit liner know that it is a fantastic product. It is black (as my soul), it is effortless to apply thanks to it's formula and flexible tip, and it does not budge from the eyes. If there was a nuclear bombing, this product would still not move. This is why I wanted to get my hands on the 'They're Real! Remover' as this little beauty is so perfect, it removes the eyeliner flawlessly, with no harsh rubbing or scrubbing!

I had been using make up wipes to remove the eyeliner previously, and it took quite a bit of doing. The product was notoriously hard to budge with a regular old make up wipe, which says something about the quality of the product, but not so much if you want to remove it effectively and not have black eye for days!

That is where Benefit's 'They're Real! Remover' comes into play. This little diamond is amazing. The remover comes in a sleek, matte black squeeze tube. Compared to other removers, the consistency is a little thick, and it is white in colour. More like a creamy consistency than a liquid, and a little goes a long way!

I used an amount no bigger than a pea, and that covered one eye. I used the remover to remove my eyeliner and Rollerlash mascara, (my holy grail mascara, also by Benefit), and I was completely blown away by how good this product was. That tiny pea sized amount removed the products in a few small strokes. I didn't have to rub hard on my eyes or get another cotton pad to get the remainder off, one small amount on one cotton pad removed the make up from my eyes. My eyes weren't left blotchy, red or with traces of black make up smears as had been the case with the make up wipes.


This product has become my favourite method of removing my eyeliner and mascara. The product is priced at £14.50 and is available from Benefit counters and their website, and at a variety of retailers in store and online.

I love this product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who uses the Benefit 'They're Real! Push Up Liner', and any pretty stubborn to remover eyeliner! I think the product is great quality and a fantastic quantity for the price!

What is your favourite eyeliner?
What products do you use to remove your make up?

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