29 January 2016

Brand Focus | MAC Cosmetics

MAC is a brand that I have been slowly collecting for a wile now. Over the last little while I have been picking up more pieces to add to my collection, and branching out on what I try. In this post, I wanted to give a little recap of the few items I've tried and loved.

My all time favourite brand for lipsticks has got to be MAC. The quality of their lipsticks is superb, and they are definitely my go to brand when I want a new lip colour. Not only do they have a massive variety of colours to suit almost anyone, but they also have a range of textures to choose from. I have 9 lipsticks from MAC, but in this post I'm going to mention my favourites. I love a matte lip, and MAC's formula is my favourite matte lipstick. Not to drying or rough, but also not so cream it smears all across your face, it's perfect. My favourite shade has got to be Stone, for a darker lip and Velvet Teddy for a more nude lip. As a fan of darker shades, I also have to give a mention to Dark Side, which is a lovely deep berry shade, although not matte formula!

For foundation, I've found one of my favourites to come from MAC. I'm a big fan of the Studio Sculp foundation. Being such a high end brand, I was delighted that MAC actually has a shade that was perfect for my very, very pale skin tone. Coming in at NC15, I can't fault it for being a match to my skin, unlike some other foundations it doesn't leave me looking white as a ghost, or like I've been tango'd, (props to MAC for hooking up us pale people!). The formula of this particular foundation is fantastic, one of the best I've tried. Not too cleaver, and with fantastic coverage and colour match, this foundation is definitely worth paying the extra for.

The most recent item to find it's way into my collection, is the Studio Fix powder. In the shade NC15 of course, to match my foundation, this powder acts as a mattifying powder and keeps my foundation in place. The powered leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, and it it doesn't make my face look orange, since it matches my foundation shade, and that's always a bonus!

What are your favourite cosmetic brands?
Do you own any MAC items?

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