5 January 2016

Holiday Shopping | My Favourite Buys

I love giving gifts at the holidays, and one of my favourite parts of the holiday seasons is shopping after Christmas and Boxing Day has passed, because this is the time of year when I am treating myself to some goodies! This is a time of year when shops have their sales on and you can nav some bargains, and have a little cash to grab some items you want at full price! In this posts I thought I would show you a few of my favourite items I picked up for myself!

'Fireside Treats' by Yankee Candle
I adore Yankee Candle. I know the scents they offer and I love the size and quality of their items. I spotted this candle a while ago but I never picked it up. When I was browsing the sales after Christmas, I was walking past a card shop that sells Yankee Candles and noticed that they had a sale on some of their scents. This little beauty was sitting on the stand and I knew I had to have it, it was a bargain! This candle smells amazing, it smells sweet and like hot, melted marshmallows. I love marshmallows and this scent was one I had to have!

Skull Candy Headphones
I was in need of a new pair of headphones, and when I was in HMV I picked up these adorable little black and purple Skull Candy headphones. I love Apple headphones, but these little headphones are absolutely incredible. They have soft in ear buds so you can get them into your ear, they sit comfortably and the sound quality that you get from these headphones is absolutely incredible. I like to have my music loud when I listen to it and with these that is something I definitely get, when these are in and I have the volume up full, I cannot hear anything else, they are perfect!

'Ant-Man' by Marvel
I love Marvel, I love anything that they make. This film is one that I saw when it came out in the cinema and I loved it so much. I love Paul Rudd in anything that I have seen him in, and he was perfect in this film. He played the characters perfectly and I think he is a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie was funny, and action packed so I picked up a copy in HMV for my movie collection.

I picked up a lot of awesome thing when I was shopping but these a few of my favourite picks! I love everything that I got, and I love shopping when the sales are on!

Did you pick up any bargains in the sales?
What was your favourite item you've bought?

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