17 January 2016

Virgin Mojito by The Body Shop

The body shop has always been one of my all time favourite brands. I adore the items the sell, and the scents they offer. One scent in particular has captured my heart, and that is Virgin Mojito. In this post I am going to be talking about my favourite collection from The Body Shop which is the Virgin Mojito collection.

I love limes, their taste and their smell. The Body Shop has always been a favourite of mine for bathing items as the products they offer are very high quality and the scents they produce are incredible. When The Body Shop related the collection, I fell in love with it, it is amazing.

In the collection there are five items; body butter, body sorbet, shower gel, body splash and body scrub. Each of the items in the collection have the fresh, zesty fragrance of lime with a hint of mint. The products all have a lovely green colour which  is adorable, and the lime and mint logo for the collection is on the packaging of the product.

The body butter is body moisturiser, with a slightly thicker consistency than a squeezable cream moisturised. This is perfect for applying after a bath or shower, or to hydrate dry skin. The product rubs smoothly into the skin, and leaves it smelling fresh and beautiful. If there is one reason aside from the smell that I adore this product, it is the fact that is soaks into the skin in seconds, and doesn't feels heavy and sticky - which makes is a must have in my book, as I despise creams that don't dry and that are sticky. This can be applied and you can be getting dressed in seconds, no waiting around for ages for it to dry so you can get dressed.

The body sorbet is a moisturiser that is a little thinner in consistency than the body butter, but serves the same function. This products comes in a squeeze tube and is a little smoother to apply but still an all around great moisturiser. Who doesn't love a good moisturiser, eh?

The shower gel  is one of my favourite items in the collection. The product is a really good size, and I love that the shower gel smells identical to the rest of the range, and it doesn't lost it's smell when massaged into the skin.

The body splash is a lovely fragrance. It comes in a pouring bottle, not in a spray bottle.

The body scrub is a good exfoliant for the skin. The product is good to use in a shower, as it has little particles in scrub to exfoliate your skin and wash away the scrub.

The scent of this collection is my favourite that is on offer by The Body Shop. I love that there is a variety of items in the collection.

Do you like any of The Body Shop's products?
What is your favourite scent?

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