17 March 2016

Blog Business Cards | Auraprint*

As a blogger, I think one of the most important resources to have are good quality business cards. These are super handy for when you are attending events and such and want to pass around your details. In this post I'm going to be reviewing Impakt Colour Core Cards* from a company called Auraprint.

When I opened the package, the first thing that I noticed was how we lock aged the items were. Inside were three plastic containers that each contained a portion of my business cards. The tubs were held shut but an elastic bands and between the tub was pink tissue paper to prevent them getting thrown around and spilled while they were being delivered. I think this is a really good way of packaging them as the cards remained intact and the package look good on opening it, and I think it's always good to open a package and have it look nice on the inside.

Getting int the cards themselves, one of the things I as most impressed about upon know ring the cards themselves was that they were thick, and printed on a cardboard material. This was a huge bonus for me, as I hate when business cards are paper thin, as they bend and crumple and look very unprofessional when you're giving or receiving them, but these are very well made.

I got cards that were printed on both sides. One the front side is my full name, my blog address and my email address, along with some cute icons relating to the topic I blog about, and some social media icons. What impressed me about this company was that I gave them my blog header as a template, and from that they somehow managed to match the font in the handwritten part of my header and used it to write my name on the front of the card. This was impressive to me as I had only given them a photo, and not mentioned what the font yet they managed to track it down so that he front of my card flowed with the back. This was a huge bonus from me. I love that the colouring on the purple watercolour is very vivid and not washed out, which is also a selling point.

In the back of card, the header design is there along with the words "hiya, it's ashley" and the weird "a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog" underneath which I think looks amazing. It's simplistic yet it visually it lols really good. It gives people the information they need without being cluttered, and it lols very sleek and professional. I'm very impressed with how well made, and high quality they look.

Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with my business cards from Auraprint. They got what I wanted I wanted my cards to look like absolutely spot on.

Do you have business cards for you blog?
What do you like business cards to show?

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