31 March 2016

Brand focus: Benefit

I have long been a big fan of Benefit, and I really love their items. There is something about them that draws me in, and I love their products. From their quirky, creative packaging to the amazing high quality of their products, I love them. I'm going to share with you some of my most loved Benefit items.

I am a massive eyeliner person, I think it completes any look. Benefit's They're Real! Push Up Liner is my holy grail eyeliner. I love the packaging of this product, it is long and slim, in sleek black plastic. Very stylish and sleek. The thing that sold me on this eyeliner was the fact that it is a gel eyeliner in a pen. Gel liner is my favourite type of eyeliner and the fact that it comes in a pen is the icing on the cake for me, it is incredible easy to use and it is so much easier to control the application of your eyeliner with this pen, than it is with a lot of other liners. Having the pointed tip is a really great bonus too, as you can get a sharp, sleek wing with it with ease. The colour pay off is outstanding, it is jet black on application and it stays that way. The staying power is definitely one of this products bonuses, this eyeliner could last threw a nuclear war, once it's on it's staying put all day. I highly recommend this product for any eyeliner enthusiasts out there!

As someone with a pretty fair complexion, I was so pleased to find a blusher that looked really good on my skin tone without looking like vibrant, bright pink streak, and that blusher is Hervana. The outer packaging of this blusher is beautiful, it is purple with pale clouds and pink, sun like streaks, and a lovely golden halo above the name. It's stunning. This blusher is from their boxes powder range, and it is stunning. In the box it is a lover mosaic pattern, with sections of varying pink shades, that when swirled together give a lovely, natural looking pink glow to glow to the cheeks. This blusher is beautiful of my fair skin, and I love that it looks so natural and not cakes or like a block of colour. It can be work as a soft dusting of colour or built up to a more dark, rosy colour if that's your preference. I like a very subtle, light blush and this is perfect for that.

Benefit is the brand that holds my holy grail mascara, Rollerlash. I love the simple, black and pink packaging on this product, and the textured, rubberised material of the wand handle makes it super easy to hold and use. This mascara is designed to deliver curl to your lashes, and that it does. It adds length and a beautiful curl to my lashes and makes them look gorgeous, and it has a jet black colour pay off. The want is curved and I love that about it as it makes for super easy application. This mascara has make a huge improvement to the look of my lashes when I wear it, and for that it makes this list of products that I think are a few of the creme de la creme of Benefit's products.

In terms of base products, the Big Easy is one of my all time favourite foundations. The packaging is a gorgeous nude colour, with a a silver, screw lid. It reminds me of a circus, with the playful fonts and multi-toned nude stripes. The foundation is a liquid to powder foundation, and I absolutely love how it sinks into my skin and it feels as thought I'm wearing nothing at all but the coverage is still there. My skin feels so soft and it doesn't cake up or look orange. The product contains spf 35 which I love, as in the warm weather I burn so easily and my face is a place I really want to keep sunburn free. With this product a little goes a long way, so you don't run out of it often. I think it's a great product for anyone who wants a good coverage and to feel like they aren't wearing much, if any make up.

Eyebrows are something that until recently I never bothered with. I didn't get them done, and I didn't put make up on them. When I got my eyebrows done with Benefit, I received a free full size Gimme Brow and it has been my favourite eyebrow product ever since. The product is packaged in a simple small, brown tube. The product is a simple little spooly brush with a gel to brush into your brows and fill them in. I love that this product makes my brows look dark and full, with little effort and maintenance. I brush the product through my brows and voila, lovely brows. I think this product would be great for people who like to do something with their brows but who like to keep their eyebrows looking natural.

Benefit is a brand that I have loves for a long time, I think their products are fantastic and their company is so creative and upbeat. Their company is really fun and it's a brand that really love their customers.

What are your favourite Benefit products?
Which beauty brand is your favourite?

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