4 March 2016

Combating Spots | A Holy Grail Product

I'm pretty sure I speak for all women, and men, when I say that getting breakouts of spots sucks. Getting a huge spot on your face can really suck if you're wanting to wear make up and have a flawless finish, or pop out to the shops without make up on and no look like a mountain is growing on your head. I've found a solution to that issue; Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads.

These babies are my go to product to prevent spots from appearing, and to combat spots that have already worked their way onto my face.

These pads are a miracle to combat spots. They come in a small, round tub and are fairly thin. Each pad is double sided which is a handy little bonus, as the solution stays moist on both sides. It doesn't matter how big the spot is, or how red it is, these beauties will make them vanish. On a few occasion I have used them before bed at times when I have had very red, prominent spots and woken up and they were practically gone with nothing more than a small bump remaining. After one more pads usage, they were 100% gone from my face.

When you open the product, the scent is rather strong. Quite chemically, but still nothing too bad. I quite like the scent, but it is one that some people might smell and instantly be turned off using on their skin, however, the scent disappear when applied to the skin.

The pads will clean out any excess oils and dirts that are laying on the skin, and if give a deep clean the skin. Any dirt that was on your face will be visible on the pad, which shows it is doing its job.

I like to give my face a wash with water beforehand to clean off any dirt of excess oils that are on my face, then I use one pad and go over my entire face and down my neck, being careful around the eyes. As this product is very strong to combat spots, be careful around the eye area, because if you get the chemical in your eyes it will sting, a lot.

These pads are my holy grail when it comes to preventing and combating spots. I usually use them before bed and my face is left feeling cleansed and soft and the skin feels tight.

I high to recommend these pads to anyone who wants to prevent spots from appearing, or to anyone who is looking for a quick, effective fix for regular pesky spots.

Are there any spot treatments you swear by?
How do you prevent or combat breakouts?

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