4 March 2016

Disappointing Beauty Products

As a beauty blogger, I accumulate a fair amount of products for all types of things and in various shades. I like to play around with make up and try new things, and for the most part the products I pick up I love. These are a few of the products that were disappointing.

Lord and Berry 'Magic Brow' in the shade Brunette is the first item that I was quite disappointed in. I've only recently gotten quite into my brows and have been on the look out for some new products to try, and on a whim I picked up this product. The product is an eyebrow pencil, and it is double sided with the pencil on one end and spooly on the other side. My brows are fairly dark and usual I am light/medium in shade so I picked up Brunette thinking it would be a match, boy was that wrong. First, if you are applying the product lightly to your face, there is barely any colour pay off, and the first thing that came to mind: ginger. If you want to build up to a true brown colour you have to push fairly hard with the pencil and that's something on don't like to do on my face with any product, particularly around the eye area. This product was just a no for me, very disappointing.

I love black nail polish on my nails, and I've always loved Barry M nail polishes in the past, which was why I was quite surprised at how disappointing I found the Barry M Nail Paint in the shade Black. I love Barry M nail polishes, however I noticed that I painted my nails with this polish one night, and applied around 3 or 4 coats quite generously, yet the following day my nails were completely chipped and horrible looking. Super disappointed with that one.

Keeping with the nail polish theme, I recently picked up a Nails Inc Gell Effect polish in the shade 'Hyde Park Place' and I love it. I loved the polish so much that I picked up another Nails Inc polish in the shade Victoria. This polish was so disappointing. It was a deep blood red, and the colour was gorgeous, however even though I applied 3 or 4 coats, it was chipped the following day and looked horrible!

One that surprised me was the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in the shade Deauville. Don't get me wrong, I love the foundation. However, I left this foundation for a few months so I could try out other high end foundations I bought, and when I went back to use it there was about 2 inches of water, or something that looked like water, floating in the bottle, with the foundation sitting below. I shook the bottle to mix it up in case this was normal, but when I pumped it onto my hand the foundation was basically water with a tint, it was horrible and far too watery to wear. For a foundation that costs so much money, this was really disappointing to me. In be had foundations for he drugstore and high end brands that I've had for just as long, if not longer, than this Nars one and none of them have done this!

Those are a few of the items I've found to be quite disappointing, and that I won't be repurchasing.

Are there any beauty items you found to be disappointing?
Do you have any of these products?

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