27 March 2016

Netflix Picks

Netflix is my go to place for TV. It has nearly all of my favourite shows in one place, and almost all of the episodes to date, which is a big plus for me. I thought I would take this post to share with you some of my top picks on Netflix.

Gossip Girl definitely makes its way onto the list. It's a show that I only got into watching recently, and I love it so much. It's one of those shows that I could binge watch a few seasons at a time easily, I love the characters and the drama and just the way it fits so well, it flows and it keeps people enticed. If you love a little bit scandal and drama, and a lot of luxury it's definitely a show for you. Not to mention, the cast... bravo. Ed Westwick is bae, who doesn't melt when he says "I'm Chuck Bass?". Blair Waldorf is my spirit animal, if I could have her attitude, my own Chuck Bass, and Serena's wardrobe I would be pretty damn set for life. This show is perfect, and would be great for those of you looking for a lot of drama and luxury and little mystery along the way.

A show that I highly recommend for anyone to watch is Once Upon A Time. I am completely and utterly hooked (get it, Hooked?) on this show. It is one of my all time favourite shows, ever. I am a huge Disney fan so to see a very modern take on classic Disney stories and fairytales stole my heart. I think it's incredibly creative and the plot twists are just, wow, perfect. The casting of each character has also been spot on I think. Each character is perfectly represents by the actor cast to play them, honourable mention to Lana Parrilla as Regina/Evil Queen and Robert Carlisle as Runplestiltskin/Mr Gold, their characters are hands down two of my favourites. I could watch this show over and over and never get bored of it, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of Disney or fairytales with a modern kick.

A show that makes its way into his list without a doubt, is Scream TV series. I absolutely love this show. This show did not disappoint. It was thrilling, it was gorey and it put a lot of creative spins on the original story while still keeping to the original in many ways, it was all around fantastic. I am a massive fan of the original Scream movie series as well, and the Scary Movie parodies of it (all of which are worth a little mention on this list, as they are all also on Netflix, aka bae). I love a good scary movie (pardon the pun), and this show was like one big scary movie perfectly sliced up into little parts, each with its own little drama and suspense thrown in. I loved it so much I binged watched the entire first season in two days, and then did it again recently ahead of the next season. If you love a series that keeps you guessing and making up theories, this is the show for you. (Brownie points to anyone who picked up on the many references I squeezes in).

I love a good crime show, and my top pick for this is definitely White Collar. A show that has a fairly straightforward premise, this show was never straightforward and never boring. It focuses on white collar criminal Neal Caffery (Matt Bomer *heart eyes emoji here*), a forger and master thief who was imprisoned for his crimes, but broke out. He was caught, and instead of being imprisoned again, was released into the custody of the FBI to work of his sentence due to his incredible IQ and skill at catching bad guys. The show follows him as he catches criminals and works towards being released from his sentence for his contributions, but it is so action packed and the characters are so lovable, it's a pleasure to watch. Neal's compete smugness coupled with his best friend Moz's wit, and other best friend (and handler) Peter's sneakiness, is what makes this show so binge worthy, it really is a great watch.

Pretty Little Liars earns its place here because I really love, and since getting into into a couple of years ago I've been so into theories and stuff that I couldn't not include it in this list. Although A has been revealed now, I still have huge love for this show and hope it can pull something spectacular out the bag in the seasons to come because I think the whole A reveal was a little shady, so I have high hopes for where this show is going as it wraps up! Plus, let's take a moment to appreciate the sheer heavily style of the characters? Perfection. Marlene King is a superb writer and I'm sure she has something brilliant planned for us all going forward with the next season!

What are your favourite shows on Netflix?
Do you watch anything on this list?

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