28 April 2016

Street Food at Chiquito*

Here on hiyaitsashley, one of my favourites topics to blog about is food, I love doing restaurant review because I love trying out new places to eat. You check out my reviews of Gusto and Frankie and Benny's here and here. Recently I was invited along to Chiquito in Glasgow Fort to try out their new street menu.

25 April 2016

Tips For Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Increasing your blog traffic and your blog's following can be a tricky task, especially for smaller bloggers. I have been blogging for a while now and slowly but surely my blog is growing in views and followers, but it can be a really slow process at times. There are a few things I've found that you can do that help get people on your blog, so I thought for this post I would throw together some of tips for you, and hopefully they will come in handy.

21 April 2016

Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath | Review

As a beauty blogger, there are certain things that I have yet to master, and things that I lack in, and cleaning my make up brushes is one area where I needed to up my game. With that in mind I went in search of brush cleaner that would really clean my make up brushes up, considering I had washed them once in months. That's when I stumbled across the Freedom Brush Bath, and boy oh boy, have things changed.

16 April 2016

Reasons Why I Love Disney

I am a massive Disney fan, and that is something that I'm pretty sure a lot of people would say about themselves. I'm 20, but I am still a big kid when it comes to Disney. There is something about it that just makes me happy, and there a few reasons why that is.

13 April 2016

Nutella and Hazelnut Cornflake Surprise | Recipe

I'm someone who has a pretty sweet tooth when it comes to food, especially sweet treats like cakes and desserts. Cornflake cakes are one of my favourite little snacks to make, and this is my twist on the traditional treat to give it a little kick!

10 April 2016

MAC Lipstick Collection | Updated

I am a huge fan of MAC, and one of my favourite products from them are their lipsticks. Previously on hiyaitsashley, I did a post about my MAC lipstick collection, and since then I have added five more lipsticks to my growing collection and in this post I'm going to share them with you.