21 April 2016

Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath | Review

As a beauty blogger, there are certain things that I have yet to master, and things that I lack in, and cleaning my make up brushes is one area where I needed to up my game. With that in mind I went in search of brush cleaner that would really clean my make up brushes up, considering I had washed them once in months. That's when I stumbled across the Freedom Brush Bath, and boy oh boy, have things changed.

The Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath is a dramatising brush cleaners, that sanitised, cleanses and conditions your make up brushes. The reason I picked this up originally was because I was looking for a solid brush cleaner, and I stumbled upon this little gem in Superdrug. This is my first Freedom product, and I have to say if the rest of their products are as amazing as this has turned out to be, I will definitely the having a little look at the rest of their stuff because I am thoroughly impressed with this.

The product comes in a round plastic tub, with silver and gold sticker labels with all the information. Quite simple, but I really like it because I am a sucker for silver and gold. Inside the product comes in a white sold form, and is a little slippery as it can be removed from the tub. I can see why some people wouldn't like a product the can be easily slid out of it's container but personally I like it, because I like to give it a rinse after use so that none of the dirty make up suds get under it. One thing I want to mention is the smell of this product, this cleanser smells really nice. It's not overpowering or a very in your face soapy smell, it's quite fresh and a little fruity.

With this product all I do is wet the products, wet my brush and swirl it in the cleanser. Once it has a coating of suds I massage the bristles or sponge gently in my hand and rinse it off, and voila, clean as a whistle. I love that the product shows up lightly white on your brush so your know that you're getting it on the brush. I usually repeat the process twice just to make sure I get them nice and spick and span.

What can I say about the results of this product, other than BAE. I have never seen my brushes cleaner, other than when they were fresh out of their packaging and unused. I am so impressed with just how clean my brushes look after using this brush bath, and they are still as soft and gentle as always which is amazing. I love that the cleaner is super gentle on my brushes, and leaves them as soft as they once were. I had only cleaned my brushes about once prior to using this, so they were pretty dirty and this exceeded my expectations because I thought they were beyond cleaning but my brushes looked as do they had just been taken out of the packet and even my Real Techniques sponge looked almost brand new, except for the eyeliner stain, (although it as Benefit's They're Real! Liner that stained the sponge, and not even a nuclear bomb is match for that stuff). I am completely in love with this product.

I really can't fault the Freedom Pro
Studio Brush Bath, and I know for sure that when I run out of it I will be repurchasing it because this little gem has saved my brushes from being filthy and falling apart. One of the other big selling points of this product is the price, this product costs, are you ready for this, £7. SEVEN. For the great job this product does and how well my brushes cleaned up, I am so pleasantly surprised that it only costs that much. It's a definite winner.

What do you use to clean your make up brushes?
Do you recommend any of Freedom's other products?

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