10 April 2016

MAC Lipstick Collection | Updated

I am a huge fan of MAC, and one of my favourite products from them are their lipsticks. Previously on hiyaitsashley, I did a post about my MAC lipstick collection, and since then I have added five more lipsticks to my growing collection and in this post I'm going to share them with you.

First up is Smoked Purple, which is a lovely muted purple. It is a matte finish, which is my favourite finish for MAC lipsticks as they look so good on my lips. I love deeper shades of lipsticks, and this one is no exception. Is a lovely dark, vampy purple and it looks really lovely with my pale skin. One of the things I like about this shade is that you can build it up to get a darker look if that's what you prefer. The shade is quite muted, so it's dark with purple tones, instead of bright and vibrant. It can be worn with one or two light coats for a more sheer purple berry colour, or built up with 3 or 4 coats for a very deep, vampy look so it is very wearable for day and night looks.

Up next is a newer addition to my collection, which is Viva Glam Ariana Grande. I love MAC's Viva Glam line, I think it is a really amazing idea to have a whole collection where the funds are completely charitable, (plus you're technically giving £14.50 to charity so you can buy more and say it's being charitable... y'all get me?). I have Viva Glam I already, and I love it and the most recent Viva Glam is no exception! The lipstick is a matte finish. This shade is a plumy purple shade, and it's quite vibrant and bold which I love. I think this shade is absolutely beautiful and the formula is very smooth for a matte shade.

The next lipstick I have is Stone, which has become my all time favourite lipstick from MAC. I'm a huge fan of Velvet Teddy and until I got my hands on this little beauty it was my favourite but this one just, it is bae. I tried for so long to get my hands on it, and I am so glad I bought it because the colour is incredible, and very unique. The litpsick is matte and as for the colour, it is a straight up brown. The shade is stunning, and I love that it can be worn lightly for a toned down, nude brown shade or it can be built up to be very dark and a gorgeous chocolate brown. The colour is very different from any of the nudes I own, as it a a little darker and the matte formula is a little more matte than the others that I have bought. It is is perfect.

Onto the next lipstick, which is Chilli. This lipstick is matte and it is a very vibrant, bright red. I love this lipstick because it is a slightly more orange toned red and it looks really beautiful on. It's super bright and vibrant and the colour is amazing. I bought it because I was on the look out for a more orange toned lipstick that wasn't just and orange lipstick, I wanted one that had tones of orange and this little beauty was what I settled for and I'm happy I did because I love red lips and this looks really nice with my skin tone, and it is one that is quite wearable.

The most recent addition to my collection is Honeylove. This lipstick is one that I bought to add to the nude side of my MAC lipstick collection. I've been wanting to get a more wearable, your lips but better nude and this one caught my eye when I was in looking to purchase foundation. It is a matte shade, and the colour is a gorgeous nude colour. It is a standard, lighter nude with a little of a darker beige undertone and I really love the colour.

L-R: Smoked Purple, Viva Glam Ariana Grande, Stone, Chilli and Honeylove

Have you got any of these shades?
What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

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