13 April 2016

Nutella and Hazelnut Cornflake Surprise | Recipe

I'm someone who has a pretty sweet tooth when it comes to food, especially sweet treats like cakes and desserts. Cornflake cakes are one of my favourite little snacks to make, and this is my twist on the traditional treat to give it a little kick!

This recipe is really simple to make and it's a lot of fun!

Kelloggs cornflakes
1 bar of cooking milk chocolate
Whole skinless hazelnuts

• Half full a small pot with boiling water from the kettle, and head on a low heat until bubbling. Place a bowl (one that won't melt under the heat), over the pot and break the chocolate into small pieces.
• Stir the chocolate until it is melting. Once it has started to melt, spoon in about half a jar of Nutella. Stir until both of the chocolate ingredients are melted and smooth.
• Remove the bowl from the heat to cool slightly.
• Into the bowl, add handful of full cornflakes. For every handful of full cornflakes you add, you're going to crumble in a handful of crushed cornflakes. I crush them up by crumbling them in my hand into tiny crumbs as add them. This is so you won't be biting into but chucks of full cornflakes in every bite, and it binds the chocolate well.
• Fill the cupcakes cakes with the mixture, but leave about 1/4 of the mix in the bowl to top the cakes with later.
• Once you have your cases filled, use a tea spoon to gently press down in the centre and make a small gap in each cake.
• Add a half teaspoon of Nutella into the gap (tip: warm the spoon with boiling water from the kettle, it makes the nulls slightly melted and easier to work with), and place a whole hazelnut inside the Nutella.
• One this is done, spoon a tiny drop more of the cornflake mix on top to hide your little centre, and gently tap the tops with the back of your spoon to smooth them.
• Pop them into the fridge for a little while to go hard, and enjoy!

Voila, simple cornflake cakes with a little surprise in the middle! The Nutella in the middle goes hard and when you bite into it you get a little bit of chocolate and a crunchy nut. The idea came to me when I was thinking of hot so make a Ferrero Rocher themed cupcake and I thought I'd experiment with these! I love Nutella, and I love candy or cakes with nuts in them, so these little cakes seemed like fun.

Do you like baking?
What's your favourite kind of cake?

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