16 April 2016

Reasons Why I Love Disney

I am a massive Disney fan, and that is something that I'm pretty sure a lot of people would say about themselves. I'm 20, but I am still a big kid when it comes to Disney. There is something about it that just makes me happy, and there a few reasons why that is.

Disney movies are very uplifting. I love to watch Disney movies because no matter what one I pick, I know that they will always put a smile on my face. Every Disney film I've seen, I've loved. Whether it's the quirky characters, the settings or the jazzy song and dance numbers, I am never disappointed, and always left smiling. I mean, who doesn't love a good Disney sing song now and again? I often find myself walking around absentmindedly singing Be Our Guest in a goofy French accent, or singing my heart out along to Let It Go at random moments of boredom.

So many of my favourite Disney films have strong female leads. Of course, a lot of the traditional Disney films have their princesses on a guest to find their true love, but does that make them any less of a strong lead? No, no it doesn't. Belle trades her freedom to save her father, Mulan joins the army as a man to protect her elderly dad, both are badass. Two of the most recent additions to the Disney name, and two of my absolute favourite are Brave and Frozen, both of which have female leads, (Merida, Elsa and Anna), and the two main women don't fall in love. Merida is a badass, plus she's Scottish so extra brownie points. Elsa, she has no interest in finding a man, she rules as a solo Queen.

You can interact with Disney in so many ways. You can buy films, toys, clothes, teddies, novelty items... You name it you can buy it with a Disney print, and I think that's amazing. To have so many ways people of all ages can enjoy the brand is amazing. It's not a case of there are only dress up and toys for kids, but there are ways that older people can enjoy it to. They can buy novelty things, shoes (I have two pairs of Disney vans and they are some of my favourite shoes), there is even a theme park... characters and parades for kids (and older people's inner kids), and thrill seeking rides and nostalgia for us big kids. The day I get to go to Disneyland will be the best day of my life.

They are so versatile as a company. Disney owns Marvel, and literally those are my two favourite brands. They cater to everyone badass princesses and kickass superheroes, regardless of age or gender you are covered, because who says boys can't love princesses and girls can't love superheroes? The brand is so widespread on what they offer, they pretty much cover all their bases in terms of giving people variety.

I just really love Disney, and I hope this post has been as fun for you to read as it has been for me to write.

What's your favourite Disney film?
Do you own any Disney products?

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