28 April 2016

Street Food at Chiquito*

Here on hiyaitsashley, one of my favourites topics to blog about is food, I love doing restaurant review because I love trying out new places to eat. You check out my reviews of Gusto and Frankie and Benny's here and here. Recently I was invited along to Chiquito in Glasgow Fort to try out their new street menu.

The restaurant is located in Glasgow Fort, so I popped along with my best friend and fellow blogger Robyn from heythererobyn and we tasted the goodies. We were super excited to try out Mexican food since its one we haven't yet tried, so went along at about 4pm on Tuesday, and we were seated pretty quickly. The restaurant is a lot bigger on the inside than the outside suggests, and I loved the interior design of the place, it had a really cosy feel, definitely a Mexican vibe.

We sat down and had a glance at the menus while we got drinks. One thing that I was particularly impressed with before I even got any food was the size of the drinks, they were pint sized and free refills, which I love because I always go through a lot of juice with a meal. We we given a little bowl of popcorn to nibble on while we mulled over the huge range of choices, and let's just take a minute to acknowledge that popcorn. It was cinema style and coated in some type of seasoning that I want to pour over everything I ever eat, it was so good. We were left alone to pick out food, and our lovely waitress didn't hang about while we choosing which I loved because we had plenty of time to decide what we wanted, but weren't kept waiting when we wanted to order.

We decided to get a starter of nachos to share, and boy oh boy, those nachos. I love nachos, and recently Robyn and I have been trying out the nachos on offer from our various favourite restaurants, and we're both in agreement that those from Byron Burgers were best, but I think we may have found a very worth opponent for the top spot. These nachos were some of the best I've ever tasted, they came topped with sour cream, guacamole, salsa, jalapeƱo peppers and cheese, and there were amazing. The combinations of flavours was incredible, I had a particular love for the sour cream as it has a unique taste that I hadn't tasted before, whereas Robyn was a big fan of the guacamole as well, and she said that the guacamole also had a bit more flavour to it and was the perfect balance to the nachos. The nachos themselves were coated on the same spice that was on the popcorn and I was in heaven, even if they had come completely topping-less I could have eaten a whole bowl of them, they were such good quality. The cheese gets honourable mentions as well, it was delicious. When we had finished all of the crunchy nachos on top, I discovered a puddle of melted cheese at the the bottom with more nachos in it, but these ones were covered in cheese so weren't crunchy, but we loved that, we both ended up getting out forks and scooping them up to eat them.

For the main course we looked to the street menu, and decided to get their deal of 6 items for £23.95 which was a great deal, and we chose to get a side or sweet potato fries because they are my favourite type of fries ever. There was alos a bottle of hot sauce in the condiment holder that we taste and wow, was it delicious. It had a beauty flavour and a spicy kick, it was so tasty. We chose three dishes each and decided to split the, so we halved everything. I chose the empanadas, the mini classic burrito and the tortilla stack and Robyn chose the quesadilla bites, the crispy tacos and the halloumi bites. The food came on two large wooden service plates with three dishes on each, and we were given extra dinner plates so we could share the food which was nice as we hadn't asked for them. We halved everything so we could try all 6 dishes because we are greedy af, and wow, just wow. We chose the chicken option for all of our dishes, because chicken my favourite meat and also Robyn's, except for the halloumi bites which were cheese, and the tortilla stack which I chose to get with bean filling. We had a choice of filling for most dishes and I was really pleased we had the choice of chicken for most of them, because I'm not a huge fan of red meat and 99% of the time I will choose chicken options so I loved that there was the option of which meat you wanted or if you wanted a vegetable.

The empanadas were incredible and I loved them. The dough was absolutely incredible, it was so soft and tasty but still had a nice crunch on the outside, and the chicken filling paired so good with it to give it an added kick of flavour. Robyn loved them as well, she loved that they were so doughy but also crispy. The mini classic burrito was so good, it was so soft and the chicken was delicious. I loved that it came topped with guacamole, salsa and sour cream because it added a little extra flavour boost to the dish. Robyn liked the burrito but she preferred the other dishes as she thought it was a tad dry and would have been better to have the sour cream inside the burrito as it would have been easier to eat. The tortilla stack was nice, and I liked that it was made with been filling as it was quite tasty, but I would have preferred chicken as the beans were a little bland, but the tortillas were lovely and soft and it was topped with beans, sour cream and lovely onions, which were delicious. Robyn didn't taste the tortillas, because it didn't look like her type of thing. The quesadilla bites were delicious, the filling was delicious and the tortilla was so soft and yummy. Robyn loved them, her exact words on the dish were "loved them so much like, I die", and she said she wishes there was more chorizo. The crispy tacos were incredible, I loved the crunchy have of the taco with the soft chicken and the melted cheese, it was the perfect combinations and I could have eaten and entire plate of them. Robyn loved them, she thought they were the perfect amount of everything. The halloumi bites are last dish to mention. These are literally some of the best cheese bites I have ever tasted. I love when you get things like these, they are cheese that has been cooked in a crispy coating, and I prefer them when cheese cheese is soft and chewy and that's what these were like. They were little balls of cheesy heaven and I could have eaten like 50 if I was eating them alone. They were served with cranberry salsa which I thought was quite tasty and went will with them, but there were also delicious on their own. Robyn liked them as well, but was too stuffed to eat more than one. I loved that the food was spicy but not overpowering as you could still taste and enjoy the food. Robyn liked that it was easy to make alterations to the food without any problems, as she asked have one of the dishes with no sweet corn and they did it for her. The staff who served us were super lovely.

When we were done we were left to browse the desert menu and you guessed, we did order dessert because we are incredibly greedy and the food so far was just that good. The table was cleared pretty fast when we were done, and refills on drinks was awesome as well because they took away my empty glass instead of leaving it on the table which is a big plus for me because the the table can become really cluttered when restaurants leave your empty glasses at your table.

We settled on dessert, and I picked the golden nugget cheesecake and Robyn picked the lemon sorbet. The cheesecake was delicious, it was had honeycomb pieces throughout the cheesecake and as well as chocolate covered honeycomb pieces through it and on top. It was served with a bowl of chocolate sauce and some strawberries, which are one of my favourite fruits so I loved this little added extra. Cheesecake is my favourite desert and honeycomb is one of my favourite types of sweet so I loved that there's put the two together, it was delicious. Robyn got the lemon sorbet, which came in a bowl with three large scoops. She let me taste it and wow, the flavour was spot on, it was sour and it was delicious. It was definitely lemon flavoured, it was spot on. Robyn said the sorbet was incredible, and that it was so sour and bitter and the portion size was massive, which was incredible for the price.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with Chiquito and so was Robyn. We loved it, and are can't wait on to go back soon and taste some of their other items. The food was absolutely delicious , and the value for money was incredible, we managed to have a starter to share, main course with 6 dishes, a dessert each and drinks for around £48, which was fantastic value. I highly recommend you pop along to the nearest Chiquito and taste some of their delicious food. It is incredible.

Have you been to Chiquito before?
What is your favourite type of food?

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