25 April 2016

Tips For Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Increasing your blog traffic and your blog's following can be a tricky task, especially for smaller bloggers. I have been blogging for a while now and slowly but surely my blog is growing in views and followers, but it can be a really slow process at times. There are a few things I've found that you can do that help get people on your blog, so I thought for this post I would throw together some of tips for you, and hopefully they will come in handy.

One of the best methods of growing your blog traffic is to engage with bloggers on Twitter. Blog chats happen every day, and they are a great way to get exposure for your blog and to get to know other bloggers. These chats cover so many topics, and at the end there is usually a chance to swap blog and social media links with other bloggers, and this is a great way to get direct exposure for your blog. Hashtags are a big helper on Twitter as well, as it will group together all the types of posts, for example beauty posts can be found under that tag #bbloggers. The most common ones are usually #bbloggers, #fbloggers, #lbloggers and #TheGirlGang. Blog retweet accounts are a blogger's best friend when it comes to a little extra exposure for a post. Tag these accounts in your link tweets and they will retweet them to their followers, which will show off your tweet to a whole bunch of people. Some of my favourites are: @BBlogRT, @YourBlogRT, @theDSblogRT and @LovingBlogs, but there are so many others. Tagging brands you have posted about is a good move as sometimes brands will see the traders and retweet or reply to it, which will expose the post to their fans and followers.

Instagram is a great place to expose your blog, and gain likes and follows from other bloggers to further boost your profile. Hashtags are the key method of promoting your blog on Instagram, the most common being #bblogger, #fblogger, #lblogger and #TheGirlGang. On of the benefits of using Instagram to promote your posts is that you can # more specifics from the post it image for a better chance to engage can # a specific brand you mention or tag a specific brand. People will check more specific tags on Instagram for good quality images, so it helps to tag post with specifics. If you have a MAC lipstick in your image even for prettiness, tag it. Someone might like the look of it and click on your profile. The downside to Instagram is that it doesn't offer click through links, but it is still a good way to grow your following and likes.


The newest method of promoting my blog I use is definitely Facebook. Having a Facebook page for my blog has definitely helped boost my traffic. This has allowed me another platform to share my posts and engage with other bloggers. Something that has is a big boost to blog traffic is to join Facebook blogger groups. Being part of Facebook groups that are specifically got bloggers and promotions has been a massive boost to my blog and its traffic. These groups allow you to post your blog links and your other social media links, and promote your blog. Some of my favourite groups to be a part of are Beauty Blogger Support UK, Bloggers Corner, #BDIB and The Girl Gang. Being in these groups and others has boosted not only the views on my blog, but my followers on Bloglovin' and across my various social media accounts.

Having a responsive layout can help boost traffic as people will be more inclined to stay in your blog and browse. If people are met with a blog that is well played out and doesn't look cluttered and messy, they will be more inclined to stay on it. Have you social media and Bloglovin' links on your blog, this will allow people to easily find your other social media accounts if they want to follow you, more people will be likely to follow you if they can just click the button and not have to go looking. When posting, link back to other posts if you mention a product or post you've previously done on your blog. This can lead people to click through more of you posts and stay on your blog longer. Having a 'you may also like' or 'related posts' widget on each post can encourage people to click through other posts that you've done. Something else that can be really helpful is commenting on other people's blogs, and leaving your link at the end of the comment. This can lead people to click on your blog if they like you or your comment. I usually end blog comments with 'Ashley | hiyaitsashley'

Those are some of my top tips for increasing your blog traffic. Some of them are more obvious than others, but hopeful this post has helped some of you who are finding it hard to increase your blog traffic.

Do you use any of these tips?
What are your tips for increasing your blog traffic?

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