17 May 2016

An Open Letter To Fellow Bloggers

Blogging is my passions and it's something that I heave really fallen in love with over my time as a blogger. I love being a blogger because I find it super rewarding and I love having my own little slice of the internet. I've been blogging since 2014, and recently I've been thinking about my blog and how far it's come and where I would like it to be and I've noticed that there are a few things that I think about blogging, that a lot of other bloggers have said on Twitter and in blogger chats that they also feel. In this post I thought it would be fun to kind of talk about a few of the things that I think every blogger should know, and things I think ever blogger get from time to time regarding their blog and blogging in general.

Blogging for yourself is the most rewarding way to blog.
As a blogger, one of the things I really love about it is that a I can write about what a I want, when I want. I love working with brands and PR companies, it's an awesome perk, but sometimes I feel like the most rewarding content on my blog is the stuff that I have come up with myself, and I've posted about because it's a product or something that I love and want to share with my readers. Posting reviews and things on behalf of a brand who has asked to work with you is amazing, but the little happy feeling you get from having popular content that you come up with is such a good feeling. Getting nice comments on your own content ideas is so rewarding, I get a little happy buzz when someone comments on post saying they love it the post, or that they really want to try the products I've mentioned because those posts were my own ideas, and people liked them.

You don't need to have a fancy DSLR, fancy lights and marble everything to have good photography.
I love having nice, crisp photos on my blog, and I love when blogs have really good photography to go with really good content, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend a small fortune on equipment. A lot of the time bloggers don't have fancy photography equipment for blogging or marble and rose gold decking out every surface in their house, and that's perfectly okay. Whether it be because it's super expensive or because you don't have the space for it, it doesn't matter because you can still get great photos with other means. I take all of my blog photos on my iPhone 6, using natural lighting and a white blanket and props I have lying around my room, and I think some of my photos are pretty good. If you use fancy equipment then that's amazing, but it's also fine not to either! Everyone is different and that's what makes a blog unique, fake it till you make it, like me and many other bloggers I know who use fake marble and wooden backgrounds in some of my pictures and they work just as well.

It's perfectly okay to care about followers, views and stats but it's not everything.
As a blogger, you probably know that one of the most common things bloggers say is that it's not about the followers or the stats, it's about the blog. I agree with that, your blog is what matters but I also think that it's good for bloggers to know that it's perfectly okay to care about how many followers you have and what your starts are like. Whether it's on Bloglovin', your blog views, Twitter or other social media accounts, it's okay to want your blog to do well and to grow. If your blog is your passion, it's completely natural to want it to do well, and for your following to grow and your blog to grow. As long as bloggers keep in mind to blog because they love it, and not just because of the numbers, then I think its great for bloggers to be motivated to grow their blog and social medias. Followers and stats definitely aren't everything, but they matter and that's okay.

It's okay to admire other bloggers, just don't compare yourself to them.
Bloggers all do this I think, we have bloggers and blog that we look at and think that we will never be that good and we wish they had such a pretty blog, or as many followers or we were more like that blogger. While I think it's perfectly natural to get these feelings, and to really admire the work of another person, it's good to know that you can admire them without comparing to them. Every blogger and blog is different. We have all been blogging for different lengths of time and we all blog about different things. Making blogger friends and acknowledging other bloggers success and their content and things is a fantastic thing to do to get into the community, but just remember that you are you, not them, and you are doing amazing.

Working with brands is an amazing perk, but it takes time to be noticed.
One of the amazing perks of being a blogger is that from time to time, a company or a PR company will be in touch and want to work with you. These opportunities are amazing, and to be offered one really makes you feel good about yourself and your blog. It's good to remember though that it can sometimes be a while before a brand or PR company reaches out, so don't get discouraged if you've been blogging for a few months and you've not been contacted by brands yet, that's normal and it can take longer for some blogs, and less time for others, it all depends on your blog. It's always good to know that you are not being rude or greedy if you reach out to your favourite brands to ask if they want to work with you. Some brands love to work with bloggers, big or small, so don't feel bad if you want to reach out and let them know you're blog is there and you want to work with them. They might say no, or they might say that they don't have any opportunities at that time but they might have a blogger list they can add you to for future opportunities. It's also perfectly okay to turn down a brand or PR company if you feel like you're not being valued, ie being asked to write about something with no recognition or compensation, or the product they're offering doesn't fit with your blog. Bloggers and blogs are a legitimate platform, and our time is just as valuable and worthy as anyone else, and it's perfectly okay to fell that way. Working with brands and PR companies is a two way street, you're putting a lot of time and effort into the post you are writing about them, and it's okay to feel like you should have some kind of compensation for that, although this doesn't necessarily mean money, for most it's a few product to review, or an invite to to and event if that's what the post is about.

It's okay to feel crappy about your blog sometimes, whether you're a new blog or an established blog.
Every blogger feels crappy about their blog sometimes, it's perfectly okay. Whether you have been blogging for a month or a year or ten years, everyone has times where they feel very off about their blog. I have been blogging since 2014, and I still have times where I feel like my blog is rubbish and at no-one likes it, but it always goes away and I feel passionate again. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint and things can sometimes take a while to get going for a blogger. As long as you pick yourself up, listen to the world of the ever wise miss Taylor Swift and shake it off, you'll be fine. Your blog is amazing and if you keep smiling and keep at it, you'll be golden.

It's okay not to have one specific niche.
Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their blogs. It's okay not to stick to one topic of post on your blog, people often have very varied interests. If you're a beauty blogger who also loves to write about random topics, and who loves movies and food then you do you boo, and write about what you love. I say I'm a beauty blogger mostly, but I also love love love to write about lifestyle and food and everything in between. If you want to have your blog stick to one type of posts then that's awesome, but if you don't them that's also awesome to, don't feel like you can't write about a topic you want to cover because it doesn't fit with your blog, your blog is you, so if it fits with you it fits with your blog. I love to read blogs that have a wide variety of post topics, they're my favourite ones to read and follow.

Do any of these things apply to you?
What's your favourite thing about blogging?

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