28 May 2016

Japanese Food At Wagamama*

If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you'll probably have noticed by now that I love food, and what's more I love trying out all kinds of new types of food and new places. This time is was time to pop along to a restaurant I've been to before, Wagamama. This time was in Glasgow Fort, and boy was it good.

I was invited along to Wagamama in Glasgow Fort to have a chat with their head chef,and sample their delicious menus. In keeping with the theme here on hiyaitsashley I had my partner in crime along with me, my best friend and fellow blogger Robyn.

This was my first time trying the Fort's Wagamama, as we usually head to the one in Glasgow city centre, but I definitely prefer this one. For starters, the restaurant is much more chic, and beautiful than the other one I have been to. The exterior is so clean and sleek, and the inside is not different. The space is very open, the kitchen is right in the centre of the room. The table as well later out and everything is very open plan, with the exterior petty much all glass windows which keeps the space light and airy. I loved the atmosphere, and the decor was on point.

I want to take a minute to just give some recognition to the absolutely lovely staff from the Glasgow Fort Wagamama. Upon entering, we were greeted by the head chef, then the lovely Jenny popped over to see and introduced herself, and was so friendly and bubbly, asking us if we had been to Wagamama before and about our blogs, she was so friendly and right from the get go we feel so welcome. The staff we so friendly and easy to talk to, it was more like chatting away to a friend than a talking to a server.

While we waited we got drinks, and I chose to try out one of their fresh juices. The juice I picked was called the Super Green which contained apple, mint, celery and lime. I am huge lime fan, it's one of my favourite flavours, and this juice had a very strong like flavour which I loved. It was super fresh and delicious, I loved it.

We got seated at a bench right beside the cooking area which was awesome, as we got to see the dishes how the dishes get cooked, it was really interested and a lovely little added touch to the dining experience. We got to chat to the lovely head chef, who was very informative about how the Glasgow Fort Wagamama works and how it is very different front the city centre one. He explained that whichever chef cooks your dish, that is who will serve you, as they think if the chef done a good job and you really enjoyed your meal it's them who deserve the credit and to be able to present your dish to you, which I think is pretty cool.

After chatting about the restaurant, we got to hear about the new additions to the menu, including the gluten free options which were included in the main menus instead of having a delegate menu, so that those who want gluten free options don't have to feel awkward and ask for their own menu which I think is very sweet. A little trick that he taught us was that the new menus items were displayed in the top right hand corner of the menu, as if you're right handed that's where you will instinctively look first, and as the majority of people are right handed it's the best place to place your new dishes. The head chef was very lovely, we even got a taste of some of the sauces ranked mildest to hottest, my favourite was the 2nd mildest as it was a amazing curry sauce. The head chef told us that Wagamama in Glasgow Fort uses all fresh vegetables, the vegetables are prepared the night before for the following day, and if they aren't used that day they are thrown out. We also were informed that they have a police: if you don't like your meal, they pay for it. I think this is amazing because it allows people to try new foods without having to waste money on a dish they don't like. This particular Wagamama has no microwaves, if a customer asks for their food to be reheated, they will throw the food away and make them a fresh meal.

The chef recommend that we try the Chilli Squid. I don't like fish, unless it's tuna, so I was a bit iffy about trying squid as it is a sea food, and I'm not fond of anything with an overly fishy taste, but I was very surprised to find that the squid didn't taste fishy, it didn't taste like much on its own really, the flavour was all in the crust outer coating and the chilli flavouring. It's not a dish I would pick if I have other options, but I didn't hate it either. Since I don't like fish it's not really a dish for me, but I'm happy I tried it as it was quite tasty and trying new foods is how you know what you like and don't like to eat.

After that we were given some time to browse the menu for our main course. I chose to go with the Tamari Chicken, which is a dish from the new section of their menu. We were seated in the perfect spot as we could watch our dishes being cooked at the station, and the food was at our table in no time, it was amazing. This dish was absolutely delicious, it's my new favourite dish. The dish is wok fried chicken that was served in a delicious broth along with sticky rice and a tonne of fresh, super crunchy vegetables. There were so many things I loved about this dish, the broth was incredible, the rice was perfectly cooked, as was the chicken, it was so soft. The vegetables were all of my favourites and other than the lovely soft sweet potatoes, they were all super fresh and crunchy, which was a huge bonus for me, I really don't like soggy, limp vegetables. Something that I really loved was that the dish is severed with zasai paste, which our waiter was lovely enough to inform me has quite a fishy taste, as I had mentioned that I don't like fish and the head chef was nice enough to offer to let me taste the sauce, and to serve the sauce on the side in a little dish so that I could eat it if I liked it, or not. I really like this because there was no fuss, I didn't have to ask to have it left of as they had paid attention to me saying before I didn't like fish and offered the change with no fuss whatsoever, which is another reason I was super impressed with the restaurant and its staff. I really loved the main course, it was a huge portion so it is really good value for money, and the food was delicious.

Once we had finished our main courses, we had a look through the dessert menu, and I ordered a Tropical juice to pass the time as we had been given a little sample to taste and it was amazing. We were stuffed from the main courses, but we picked out dessert to finish of the meal with. I picked the Banana Katsu which is banana slices fried in panko breadcrumbs and served with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. This dessert is absolutely delicious, I love it. The slices of banana are so flavourful and they have a lovely crunch from the breadcrumbs, and the salted caramel ice cream is. The dish is he perfect combination of soft and crunchy with a little bit of sweetness from the ice cream, it's amazing.

Before we left we got a lovely Wagamama tote bag with a Wagamama's' cookbook inside which was a lovely little added treat. I loved dining at Wagamamas in Glasgow Fort, if you love Japanese food this is theplace to check out for amazing quality food and lovely service from staff who are very passionate about the food the serve.

What type of food is your favourite?
Have you ever tried Wagamama?

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