5 May 2016

Nostalgia | TV Shows

There are tonnes of shows I loved as a kid, some were kids shows and cartoons, and others more proper TV shows so I'm going to pick out a few of my favourites from each and have them rounded up in this post. I loved TV when I was a kid/teenager and these were some of my favourites.

Kids shows and cartoons
One show that I was in love with as a kid was Tracy Beaker. I loved this show, and I always fancied myself as a bit of a Tracy Beaker. I used to adore Jacqueline Wilson books, and to be honest I probably still would love them, so naturally I loved the show. When they brought it back years later I will confess I watched it but it didn't hold up to the original. That theme song was constantly stuck in my head.

Another show I loved, but seem to be literally the only person to remember, was The Mysti Show. It was a programme about fairies who came down to the 'real world' and it was amazing. I was so into their outfits back then, like I wanted to be Mysti so bad. She was a tiny little inch tall fairy who had magic could take on the form of a regular human to come visit, literally goals.

I loved Arthur as a kid, it was my life. Firstly, it was all about animals so like, yes, and secondly the characters were amazing, DW was so sassy and I wanted o be just like her. I still know all the words to the theme song, even now I'm 20 and a grown adult, who former love some nostalgia, eh?

Another cartoon I loved was Mona The Vampire, this show was so good, and I think my love of vampire books and films stemmed from this, I loved it. I watched it all the time, and again knew the theme song by heart!

Honourable mention:
Dexter's Laboratory, which I now see was a kid's version of the Big Bang Theory.
The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy, I locked this show so Michael when I was a kid/teen. The little girl was my spirit animal.
Kim Possible, she was kicks ass and I shipped her with Ron so much.
The Powerpuff Girls, I always wanted to be the green one, and still kinda do.
The Fairly Oddparents, literally my childhood dream was to have two fairy godparents who granted me wishes, what kid doesn't want this?
The Cramp Twins, this show was a pretty weird one but it was so oddly good.

Okay, this list is getting super long so let's move on to the proper TV shows.

TV shows
Gilmore Girls was my holy grail show as a kid/young teenager, and I'm so glad they are bringing it back for a new series. I feel like I connect with Loreli on a spirit last level with the caffeine addiction.

I loved Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a kid. I love Will Smith, and I was so hooked on this show, I was gutted it went off air. It was hilarious, I still like it nowadays and watch it if it's on TV.

One of my all time favourite shows is and always has been The Simpsons, right from when I was a kid I loved it. I love that it's on its 27th season and its not being really modern and up to date, it will always be a favourite of mine. One of the first posts I done on my blog was a review of The Simpson's crossover with Family Guy, another of my favourite shows, which you can read here if you're interested.

I was really into Desperate Housewives when I was I was younger. I loved the drama and I always wished I was Eva Longoria because she was beautiful and so sassy.

Of course Friends is on this list, one of, if not my all time favourite tv show. I've seen ever episode multiple times, and am on my second complete boxset because I wore my first one out. I don't a post on my favourite moments from the show here, if you want to check them out.

Honourable mention:
Scrubs, I loves this show JD and Turk remind me so much of me and my best friend and Perry was hilarious.
One Tree Hill, this show was amazing when I was a kid, I loved it. I wanted to be Peyton so much.
My Wife and Kids, I found this show so hilarious when I was younger, the characters were so funny and the wife reminds me of me.
Futurama, I used to love this show, I always wanted Leela's purple hair, and I wanted my ponytails to look that sleek.

Those are some of the shows that make me nostalgic about when I was younger. Some of them are long gone, and some you can still watch these days but they a are all shows I loved and some I still love, and they all remind my of a time when I was younger.

Did you close any of these shows?
What shows make you feel nostalgic?

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