14 May 2016

Pinita Colada Blogger Event With The Body Shop

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending a VIP blogger event at The Body Shop in Glasgow, to see a preview of their new Pinita Colada range. Some lucky bloggers and I were treated to a an evening of gorgeous new products, some pampering treatments and some delicious cocktails.

The event was held in the evening for a small group of bloggers, to let us see some of the new products The Body Shop had brought out recently, and to get a sneak preview of their new Pinita Colada range, which I am so excited for.

The evening started of with meeting some lovely fellow bloggers, and chatting over the delicious handmade Pina Coladas prepared for us by the lovely staff. I love pineapple and coconut so this was definitely up my street, we even got little cups of sliced fruit to nibble on, which I thought was the perfect little added treat. There was definitely a tropical vibe to keep in with the Pinita Colada theme.

Once everyone was settled and had a cocktail or two, the lovely staff got underway demos reading some of the new products and passing around testers for us to get a look at. The Pinita Colada items were the star of the show, but we also got tested to some of their newer launches as well, and everything looked and smelled amazing.

Staff were on hand throughout the talks to wander around and let you test out the various creams and scents, which I thought was really handy as it let us get a feel for the actual product and how it applies. The Pinita Colada body butter was a particular favourite of mine, it was so soft and creamy and the scent was phenomenal. It is so fruity and tropical, how can you not love it? I really love these virgin cocktail ranges that The Body Shop are coming out with, such as the Virgin Mojito Range which you can read about in my post here, and now the Pinita Colada range. The collection is called Piniata Colada as that the name for a virgin Pina Colada.

The range includes a body butter, body scrub, body sorbet and shower gel. All of the products in the range have the beautiful, tropical scent with an infusion of pineapple and coconut. The body scrub has pieces of shredded coconut in it to help be a natural exfoliant on the skin, and it feels amazing.

After the lovely talks we got to wander around and try out the various things going on such as hand massages, skincare consultations and facials. I got myself a lovely hand massage using the new Pinita Colada exfoliation scrub and then the body sorbet to moisturise and oh my god, my hand has never felt as soft. The scrub is intended to exfoliate and remove dry skin, and to even out any unevenness in the skin tone as it simulates blood flow and had shredded coconut throughout as the exfoliant. I got the massage on my left hand and the difference is softness, and colour between that and my right hand was incredible, it was amazing.

We were given a lovely gift bag to take away which has a full size moringa exfoliating scrub, a full size strawberry beautifying oil, deluxe samples of two of the new Oils Of Life range, and a whole bunch of little sachet samples from their new collections to try, all cutely inside a The Body Shop tote bag, it looked super cute. I left that evening with a new obsession for the collection and even picked myself up a few of products considering they were lovely enough to offer us all a whopping 30% discount on the Piniata Colada range. I picked up the full size body sorbet as it is perfect for this lovely hot weather we're having, nice and light. I also picked up a mini body butter because I loved it so much.

I am so excited to use my new goodies in the summer months and smell amazingly tropical and like a giant pineapple. I have used the body sorbet and it was absolutely incredible. It was so light on the skin and didn't feel sticky or slimy, it absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling silky smooth. The scent was lovely, not too weak but also not overpowering, one use and I felt like I had be whisked off to the Caribbean, it was delightful.

What are your favourite The Body Shop items?
Do you like the sound of any of the Piniata Colada items?

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