3 May 2016

The Product That Will Up Your Lipstick Game

I have always loved lipstick, and lip products are one of my favourite beauty items to buy. I have a lot of lipsticks in my collections, most of which are from MAC (you can see my collection here and here). I recently purchased my first ever Too Faced product which was the melted liquid lipstick in Melted Fig. I wanted to try out more Too Faced products and I decided to pick up their Lip Insurance lip primer in Original as a starting point since I had the liquid lipstick, and boy oh boy am I glad I bought it.

If you're like me and you're a big lip person, then you know the value of a lipstick that has a long wear time and doesn't have your reapplying every hour. This is where this little beauty comes in, since using this underneath my lipstick I've seen my lipstick to all day without needing reapplied, unless I'm eating then a little touch up is all that's needed.

The packing on this product is beautiful. It's baby blue and gold, and the colour scheme is just beautiful. I love baby blue, so it's a big plus for me. One thing I do love about the packaging is that is it really well made and sturdy, I've had this in my make up bag since I bought it and none of the detailing to writing has rubbed away. The applicator is a stander doe foot applicator which I love as the product is easy to apply. It smells pretty bland, a little like vanilla but nothing strong or overpowering, which I like.

The product comes out of the tube white but it applies to the lips clear, which is a bonus because you can't see the product on your lips and aren't left with a white base. The product is demi matte, anti feather lip primer, and I definitely agree with that. Once applied it dries matte within seconds, and I've found that my lipstick applies better, it looks neater and it doesn't feather or bleed. My lipstick sticks really well to my lips, and it doesn't smudge or bleed out. This product is my holy grail for lipstick. I never used a lip primer before, and I have definitely noticed a difference in how good my lipstick looks using this. One thing I have really enjoyed is that the product applies very smoothly and is super creamy, yet it does dry completely matte, but not stiff.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes their lipstick game to be on point. The product costs £14.50 but I 100% think it is worth the price because it works fantastically well.

Do you use a lip primer?
Which Too Faced products do you recommend?

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