12 June 2016

Brand Focus | KIKO Milano*

I love trying out new beauty brands and recently when I was out for dinner in Glasgow Fort I come across a new shop called KIKO, and I was curious. After having a look around the amazing store I was in love, their products were amazing and the store was fabulous, the displays had my interest peaked right away, I was like a kid in a candy store. In this post I thought I would give you a look and some of the fabulous items I have from the brand.
I have a variety of types of product from KIKO to talk about. I love trying out a brands different types of product so that you can get a feel for how their brand is as a whole. I have been super impressed with everything I've tried from KIKO so far.

The first item I have to talk about is the Dark Circle Concealer in the shade 01 Porcelain. The product comes in a matte black, plastic pump bottle, and although you get a good a mount of product, it is quite a small bottle, which I love as it is a good size for my make up bag. The packaging feels fairly sturdy for being plastic, the lid clicks tightly into place which is a plus for me as it means no spillages over my make up bag. I get a lot of dark circles underneath my eyes, and I love finding a good concealer that covers them so I was pretty happy to get my hands on this concealer. I have very fair skin and I think this shade suits me very well, it doesn't look too light or too orange. The concealer is amazing for covering my under eye circles, I was super impressed with it. I sometimes get really dark under eye circles, and I have never found a concealer that quite covers them well enough, until I got my hands on this little beauty. One pump of this is enough to cover both eyes, and my dark circles pretty much completely vanish. The coverage is amazing and I am so happy with how amazingly it covers my dark circles considering it isn't a super expensive brand,  the quality is amazing. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a good dark circle and under eye concealer.

The next item is an eyebrow product, which is the Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit in the shade 01. I have been getting really into brows recently, and I have been on the hunt for some new eyebrow products so when I saw this little kit I thought I would give it a go. The product comes in the standard matte black packaging, and it is a compact. Inside the product you get a wax, two powders (light and dark), a pair of mini tweezers, a mini angled brush and a mini spoolie. The compact also has a full size mirror inside the lid. I really like this product, I think the powders are very pigmented and easy to work with, and blend into the brows. I like that there is a light and a dark powder, and that the dark powder isn't too dark. I have noticed that in some eyebrow kits with two powder shades, the darker colour is often too dark, however this one is just a nice warmer tone which is good as it will actually be usable without giving you the black sharpie effect. I love that in this kit you get a pair of tweezers and a spoolie as well as a brush, as these are tools that are very handy when it comes to your brows and it saves you hunting for a large set of tweezers for one or two little hairs, or having to dig out a separate brush or product just to brush through your brows. I do wish that the little angle brush was a tad larger or was retractable so it could be longer, however for the price of this product and high quality you get for that price, I think it is pretty damn good.

An eyeshadow is the next item on my list, which is one of the prodct that KIKO are big for, when you walk into one of their stores you'll be met with huge displays of bright colour and pretty packaging, its their shadows. The one I have is the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in the shade 02. The product comes in the standard matte black packaging, and the bottom of the product has a little block of colour which shows the colour of the shadow inside. The eyeshadow packaging looks like a felt tip eyeliner on on the outside, and on the inside the eyeshadow stick twists up and the product comes out, and retracts again, like a lipstick. I got a beautiful bright silver shade with sparkles in it, and the colour is incredible. With one swipe the pigmentation is very good. It is bright and sparkly, but subtle. A few swipes and the colour builds up to be very, very vibrant and bold, and it is the most beautiful silver. The formula of this shadow is incredible, it is so creamy and smooth to apply, it feels amazing. It is very soft and blendable. I love this product and I am very impressed with it.

The last item I have to talk it about is a lipstick, which is the Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in the shade 102. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of the packing alone on this product? Unlike a traditional lipstick, this lid of this lipstick doesn't just slide off, there is a small button on the top of the lipstick and when you press it the lipstick pops out of the bottom and then click back inside when you are done. This packing is stunning, and also incredible smart as there is very little chance of your lid coming off in your make up bag and ruining the lipstick. The colour scheme is rose gold and grey, and I love it is beautiful. Shade 102 is a lovely dusty pink colour. If you are a regular reader of my blog, or have read my MAC lipstick collection posts (here and here), then you know I am all about a dark, vampy lip or a nude, muted lip and recently I have been wanting to venture into other shades, and one of those is pink. I love this colour, I think it very pretty and subtle. The pigmentation of the lipstick is amazing, one swipe gives you a nice subtle hint of pink, and a few swipes build up this lovely dusty pink colour. The lipstick is very creamy and soft, and not at all sticky, it's lovely.

Have you tried any KIKO products?
What is your favourite make up brand?

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